I Tried ThirdLove – A Brutally Honest Review

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Confession: The last bra I purchased was a nursing bra from Target. I bought it before Cate was born. She’s three.

For me, bra shopping is more painful than swimsuit shopping. While my slim frame usually serves me well in the fashion department, I struggle to embrace my flat chest. I almost exclusively wear the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra. I’m a big fan of its well-padded, pillow-like cups that adds two cup sizes, but it has never fit well. So, I wear cropped camis every day to smooth lines from the cup gap, which I deem a worthwhile effort for the illusion of boobs. You’ll see what I mean later.

ThirdLove has been popping up in my Facebook ads for a while now. With promises to be the best-fitting bra ever, I finally took the bait and completed their fit quiz. The quiz is simple to complete – no measurements or complicated bra questions – but only ONE bra was suitable for my breast size and shape. And it was out of stock.

Luckily (for ThirdLove), I was alerted that the bra was available on my birthday as I was getting myself ready for a day of sipping Prosecco and shopping with my mama. So, I purchased the recommended bra and impulsively added a second option just to try. I mean, you save $15 by buying two bras, so it seemed like the smart thing to do.

Here’s what I got…

24/7 Classic Contour Plunge, $68

This is the bra ThirdLove recommended, based on my fit quiz results.


  • The bra has thin padding to give a little shape and lift, and it really is comfortable.
  • The fit is perfect.
  • I love the mesh detail on the cups.


  • Adds zero volume.
  • The front-center wires dig in a little by the end of the day.
  • The bra was sold-out again within a week of me ordering it.

Front-Closure Racerback, $76

This was the second option I added because of the pretty lace back. It is pretty, right?


  • The color is beautiful.
  • The lace racerback is really comfortable. And really pretty.


  • The cups have no padding, which I apparently need to help fill the cups.
  • I couldn’t seem to adjust the straps so that the lace lay completely flat in the back. Both of these reasons are probably why it wasn’t recommended to try.

Final Verdict

I’m not in love. ThirdLove bras are priced in line with other major lingerie retailers, the quality is the same and their fit quiz is pretty accurate. If your breasts are larger than mine (trust me, they are), then you likely will have more options from which to choose.

I won’t order again for two reasons:

  1. The limited inventory will drive me crazy. My need for instant gratification is too strong.
  2. The return process isn’t so easy. It includes logging into the website, completing a brief survey, printing the return label and then dropping the return off at USPS to be shipped. Maybe I’m spoiled by my Le Tote, but I much prefer a pre-labeled return bag that can be taken away by my mail carrier.
  3. While the fit isn’t ideal, I’m still praying my boobs will hit a growth spurt one of these days. Until then, I need the two extra cup sizes VS offers.

White tee with ThirdLove bra

White tee with my VS Bombshell


Have you tried ThirdLove or another online bra retailer? Share your experience in the comments!



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    January 21, 2019 at 6:08 pm

    Great review, thank you! I have the same body frame and wear the same VS bra with the exact same results….nicer shape, gaping is a pain. Thank you for this review, I was recommended the same bra from Third Love and you saved me going through the process =)

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