Trendsend Review: Winter Edition


It seems like there are 101 subscription boxes these days! Sometimes it’s hard to decide which ones are worth trying and which ones should “stay in the box” so to speak.

Evereve Trendsend is typically one of my favorites with it’s mom-inspiring positive messages and personalized stylist notes. The only reason I don’t usually keep everything in my Trendsend box is because my mom budget won’t allow me to in good conscience.

This month I requested trendy winter pieces for work and date night and was excited to get my usual amazing selections because I actually had a little Christmas money I could put toward it. Did Evereve Trendsend live up to it’s glowing reputation this time around?


Let’s check out my Winter  Trendsend Box by Evereve….

Outfit One




Stylist’s note:

The Try Hard Skinny is a great pair of jeans to go with all the tops included. The Brea Long Sleeve Tee and the Chunky Cardi look great with them. For a bit more trend  included the Feather Sleeve Dress. Wear it with some cute booties and tights and you are ready to go.

Outfit Details:

  • Stitches and Stripes Feather Sleeve Dress – $29.99,
  • Peyton Jensen Brea Long Sleeve Tee – $58.00,
  • BlankNYC Try Hard Skinny – $98.00,
  • Allison Joy Chunky Knit Cardigan – $88.00,

Status: We promise brutally honest reviews and upon opening this box, I was admittedly a bit surprised and not in a good way. The box was a disheveled with the tissue paper and stickers torn inside the box. When I opened “outfit one” there were 3 unrelated pieces plus a dress thrown in. Typically the outfits feel like an outfit but this time it felt thrown together. I loved the back of the long sleeve tee but it didn’t feel like it was worth $58. And of course I love BlankNYC denim and these lived up to the Blank NYC hype, although I wasn’t crazy about the super torn bottoms. They felt a little too “Frankenstein” for me. The cardigan and dress were just way too big all over! Verdict: All 4 pieces are going back.

Outfit Two


Stylist’s note: The Sateen Cargo pants are soft and comfortable. Wear the Cable Tunic with the pants or the Rocky Brushed Pullover with the Lacey Trim Cami underneath for a romantic look. 

Outfit Details:

Status: These Sateen Cargo pants were beyond comfortable and if you’ve ever wondered what $125 pants feel like, these are it. As buttery soft as they were, $125 is just too much to spend on a pair of weekend casual pants. I will definitely be watching for these to go on sale though…they’re that great! The rest of the outfit was just big and baggy and wrong all over. The sweater felt like that time in middle school when I desperately wanted and IOU sweatshirt and bought the smallest one they had which was about 4 sizes too big. Verdict: Return everything but watch for those Sateen Cargos to go on sale!



Overall, I typically love Trendsend but this one was a disappointing miss. They’re have been more hits than misses though so I’m still game to give them another try! If you want to give Trendsend a try too? Check out the deets below and sign up on their website at



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