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Stitch Fix is a favorite of mine but sometimes I feel like the words “mom” and “40” pigeon hole me into a certain “list” of clothing choices somewhere in their database so it’s always fun to throw another boxed subscription into the mix with Evereve Trendsend.

It works a lot like Stitch Fix in that you complete a style profile and schedule your box to ship. Unlike Stitch Fix, however, there is no styling fee and you can schedule as many or as few as you want. While Stitch Fix sends you 5 items and offers a discount if you purchase all 5, Trendsend sends you 6-10 items to create 3 full outfits and does not offer a discount for purchasing all or multiple items. Trendsend also sends along a nice personalized letter describing each item in detail and fills their boxes with inspiring, mom positive … those custom, feel good touches are definite wins in my book!

Both services have pros and cons but let’s face it, at the end of the day I LOVE that I can have a box of clothes shipped to my house, pour a glass of wine and try them on, keep what I like and send back what doesn’t work. That’s an all-around win in my book!

So enough talk, let’s see what I got! Without further ado, let’s see what I got in my Fall Trends Trendsend Box by Evereve….

Outfit One

Stylist’s note: Sarah, for the first look I was thinking about date night so I chose a sexy but classy Leopard skirt. You have incredible curves so I know that this skirt will really compliment your knock out figure. The skirt is edgy so I chose to pair it with the Lace Cami in the blush shade. This adds a hint of femininity and the lace gives the look a romantic feel. I topped off the look with the Maxi Ribbed Cardi. I read in the comments from a past trendsend that one of the skirts was a little bootylicious for your taste so I chose this because it will add a little extra coverage on the botty. This is such a versatile piece. It can be worn dressed up, like in this look, or casual with booties and denim.

Outfit Details:

Status: When I first pulled out this outfit, I instantly love the leopard skirt because well, it’s leopard print! I was a bit skeptical that it all went together and even after trying it all on wasn’t sure. I’ll admit it felt very sexy on and perfect for date night. Ultimately the length on the skirt wasn’t quite right for me and the cami felt a bit too much like lingerie for my comfort zone. Now that I go back and read my stylist’s comments again, I’m admittedly having a bit of “non-buyer’s remorse!” Sigh… Outfit #1 Verdict: Return (but full of regret!)

Outfit Two

Stylist’s note: I read that you wanted a Thanksgiving outfit so I chose the Lantern Sleeve Dress. Basic black is always a great choice for any occasion. The sweater dress is a wonderful way to keep it casual and the full sleeves on this dress is on point for the  season. I chose the Burnout Velvet Kimono for some added texture. The colors in this kimono are fabulous and the velvet keeps this look in trend through winter.

Outfit Details:

  • Lovestitch Burnout Velvet Kimono – $78.00,
  • RD Style Lantern Sleeve Rib Dress – $78.00,

Status: Kimonos and velvet are so in this season and the pattern and feel of this velvet burnout kimono felt so luxurious immediately out of the box! I have a ton of black dresses already so I was looking to the kimono for options to pair with other items in my closet. It worked really well over the black dress for dressed-up occassions but equally fabulous over the lace cami from Outfit #1 and the frayed jeans from Outfit #3. Outfit #2 Verdict: In a brief moment of budget-conscious will power, I returned this fabulous kimono… sigh! Again, regretting sending this one back!

Outfit Three

Stylist’s note: Sarah, for the last look I chose a beautiful casual outfit. The Intro w/ Curved Hem jean from BlankNYC has a great fit and the step up hem is very much on trend. This hem works great with booties. Because of the distressing in the denim I chose a more girly top. The Mara Floral Cami adds a great feminine touch to any outfit. To cozy up the look, I chose the Side Slit Cardigan. The oatmeal color of this cardigan really compliments the shades in the floral print top. To finish off this look I added the Easy Does It Layered Necklace. The mixed metal in this piece make it versatile enough that you can pair it with just about any look .   

Outfit Details:

  • BlankNYC Intro w/ Curved Hem Jeans – $79.99,
  • Thirty-Nine 42 Easy Does It Layered Necklace – $28.00,
  • RD Style Side Slit Cardigan – $78.00,
  • Allison Joy Mara Floral Cami – $49.99,

Status: I’m sure I’ve mentioned more than a few times that BlankNYC are my absolute favorite brand of denim… they fit like a glove and feel like sweatpants! I was so excited when I saw this trendy pair in my box, but also a little sad because I know they don’t come cheap! The other pieces in the outfits were very similar to items I already have (I guess a sign my stylist knows my style!) and the choker layered necklace felt like it was literally choking me so that was a “no!” Those jeans though… I hung onto the box for an extra day just dreaming about those jeans! Outfit #3 Verdict: I sent it all back but only because I pledged not to use my credit card in October and my bank balance didn’t match the $79.99 price tag! Darn adult responsibility! Again, send back with regrets… major ones!


Overall, I love, love, loved that my Trendsend stylist took so much time to read through past reviews and comments and made me feel fabulous with her detailed descriptions of each outfit. I also loved that everything in all three outfits could be mixed and matched between for more versatility.  Want to give Trendsend by Evereve a try too? Check out the deets below and sign up on their website at You won’t be disappointed!



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