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Sometimes shopping for work clothes just doesn’t seem that much fun! While we love a good blazer and nice fitting pair of pants, somehow cute and cozy weekend wear always seems to make it into our Amazon carts more than work appropriate attire. So this week, we’re focusing on work clothes and have come up with our favorite picks to keep you stylish all week long. Some of these pieces can even be intermixed into your evening and weekend wardrobe by changing shoes and accessories.



Wash and Wear Dresses

Every working mom needs a good wash and wear dress on hand. These come in handy when you hit snooze too many times or don’t have the energy to do your own laundry after doing everybody else’s. Enter the Rekucci Wrap Dress — an easy, no iron (!) fabric in a figure-flattering silhouette. Available in more than 13 different patterns and colors, and at a great price point so you can buy them all. Mix and match different statement necklaces to change your look up.

Rekucci Wrap Dress, Amazon.com

Price: $34.99 w/ Prime Shipping

Colorful Cardigans and Knock-Out Blazers

It’s scientifically proven that every office in America is set at sub-arctic temperatures. Layering is your key to staying warm and a great way to make the most of the Rule of Three. This Made By Johnny cardigan comes in a dozen different colors. We also love a good blazer and this season offers lots of options in print, florals and color to glam up your work wear. Pair these with slim pants, a pencil skirt or throw it over that Rekucci wrap dress for the office. On the weekends, pair it with your favorite distressed jeans or over a sundress.

Made By Johnny Cardigan, Amazon.com

Price: $17.95 w/ Prime Shipping

Auline Collection Blazer, Amazon.com

Price: As low as $16.99 w/ some Prime eligible

Comfortable Pencil Skirts and Pants

One of my quirks is that I hate tight waistbands and any fabric or belt touching at or above my belly button. Call it TMI or call it left over childhood trauma from 80s fashion! Either way, we’re loving what brands like Margaret M, Rekucci, Simlu and HyBrid & Co are doing with work pants and skirts. These companies offer skirts and pants that are fitted, come in a variety of colors and patterns (16 for the pants below and over 92 for the skirt to be exact!), tailored in all the right places and promise stretchy comfortable waistbands of your favorite leggings. Pair these with a colorful cardigan or blazer above and statement necklace and you’re office ready with weekend comfort!

Simlu Pencil Skirt, Amazon.com

Price: $17.99 w/ Prime Shipping

HyBrid & Company Pull On Work Pants, Amazon.com

Price: $15.19 w/ Prime Shipping

Other Boss Mom Essentials

Normally my work bag is the last thing I think about when I get ready each morning but recently I’ve been looking at my “loved” work bag and it suddenly looks past it’s prime. This season boasts bright, bold handbags and totes making it the perfect time to update your bag for work too. Afterall, when you’re toting 4 sippy cups, a cooler of snacks, 27 diapers, 4 changes of clothes for the baby, your lunch, laptop, and 8,457 other items, you deserve to treat yourself! This Canal Collection Tote is reversible and comes in 24 color combinations including leopard/black, floral/navy, gold/champagne and this coral/taupe combination. Perfect for work and weekend. While you’re at it, we think you should throw in a new phone case as well. Your phone is your calendar and mom central for getting things done, why not make a statement with a bold pattern, add some fun with glitter or inspire yourself with a quote.

Canal Collection Reversible 2-in-1 ote, Amazon.com

Price: $38.99 w/ Prime Shipping

Kate Spade Phone Caze, Amazon.com

Price: $38.89 w/ Prime Shipping

Affordable Work Wear Essentials for Busy Moms

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