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Making Masks Glam & Finding Inspiration in 2020!


Kristy Here! With all the buzz my gold heart necklace from Labor of Love created, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to a jewelry designer and collection I am completely in love with (understatement), Lisa Jill Jewelry. I basically go gaga for everything Lisa creates, and her latest venture into the world of glamorized masks and bejeweled mask chains is no exception to this rule. I’ve included Lisa in my series highlighting women you should…

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Easy Spring Wardrobe Updates Under $100 (Updated!)

Let's Spend Some Money

Spring is almost here, which means warmer temperatures, later nights and weekends full of outdoor activities. While spring brings a break from the dark colors and heavy fabrics of the winter, it can also be incredibly tricky to dress with constantly changing weather. Blue skies in the morning can quickly give way to rainy, chilly afternoons. And with more outdoor activities, like festivals, day drinking and your kid’s sports, Mamanistas need to look for easy, versatile pieces that can be…

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Style Tip: The 3-Piece Rule


Do you wake up with visions of the perfect, pulled together outfit in your head? Only to stand in front of your closet minutes later struggling to pull an outfit together and feeling like you have nothing to wear? All of the outfits on your Pinterest board seem to work so well and you wonder what the secret is. The answer, the 3-Piece Rule. The 3-Piece Rule is a widely used rule of thumb by stylists and in the retail world that…

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