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If there is one service that has made my life easier over the last few years, it’s Stitch Fix. I love the convenience of it and that they send me things I may not have pulled off the rack in a store but end up loving and wearing all the time! And honestly, even though the cost hits my budget all at once, I end up spending less that month on clothes I don’t really love just because I feel like I have nothing to wear. If I know a Stitch Fix is coming, I’m able to resist all those impulse purchases just to fill in gaps in my closet! If you don’t know Stitch Fix yet, you can check out more here. Basically, you fill out a style profile, they ship you 5 clothing and accessory items, you try them on at home, then ship back what you don’t want. Super Easy!


So this Fix I asked my stylist to send me fun blouses for date night and work. During the transition of seasons, I often feel like it’s too hot for sweaters but not warm enough for my sleeveless and short-sleeved blouses. Hence, standing in front of my closest staring at my clothes each morning or before date night on the weekends feeling like I have nothing that will work! Usually I get a mix of dresses, pants and blouses so I was curious what my stylist would send. So how did she do?




Truth be told, I’ve coveted a peplum top for years but with my lanky build I’ve never been able to find one that fits. I always end up feeling like a middle schooler who outgrew their favorite shirt! I was suspect of this beauty when I pulled it out of the box but I have to say it’s become one of my favorite tops for work and date night. The floral peplum adds a bit of girly edge to a sweatshirt level comfortable top. I layer on my favorite Gala necklace from Stella & Dot for a bit of sparkle.

Verdict: Keep w/ 25% Discount.



I’ve had this top pinned on my Pinterest board forever so I was really excited to see it in my box. When I pulled it out though I was a bit worried it might make me look like a grandma with it’s almost floral sofa-esque pattern. Somehow the color and pattern works beautifully on though and the lightweight pattern makes it hug all the right places to keep it from being boxy. It is a bit sheer though so does require a tank underneath.

Verdict: Keep w/ 25% Discount.



This is the most casual of the blouses my stylist sent and was my favorite when I pulled it out of the box. It’s cute on for the weekends and comfortable but I admittedly haven’t worn this one as much as I thought. The color makes it feel a bit more like fall so it might become a new favorite when cooler fall weather hits again. Still a great weekend top to mix it up from the usual t-shirt and jeans!

Verdict: Keep w/ 25% Discount.




This top is so fun and for whatever reason is my boyfriend’s favorite of the Fix for a casual date night. It’s great paired with my Stella & Dot Delilah Pendant and of course, my Dolce Vita Leopard Block Sandals. The nude colored lining makes it feel a bit edgy. I will say that it’s super comfortable but does seem to run a bit big so I’d consider sizing down on this one.

Verdict: Keep w/ 25% Discount.




When I saw this dress in my box I had mixed feelings. My first thought was that it looked like something you’d put in a box you’re sending to someone in their 40s (which I am) and that I wasn’t sure I was ready to embrace that whole “older mom” look. After packing away my panic a bit, I tried it on with my trusty Stella & Dot Delilah Pendant and a pair of heels and was relieved to see that I still looked like me in the mirror. Yes I’m still 40 but the pattern of the dress looked surprisingly youthful on. Phew! It’s actually a really comfortable dress and has become an easy go to when I can’t think of what to wear!

Verdict: Verdict: Keep w/ 25% Discount.




Overall, I loved that my stylist sent me a mix of fun spring patterns and that she definitely read my stylist note and looked at my Pinterest page. I’ve worn all of the pieces she sent a ton and they merge nicely into my existing wardrobe. The key to a successful Fix is thorough feedback and linking to an updated Pinterest board of what you’re looking for. I feel like I need to be pushed out of my comfort zone a bit on the next one, so I’ll be sure to share my feedback with my stylist and ask her to push me a bit on new trends next month!



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