Battle of the Boxes: Stitch Fix vs Trendsend

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It’s no secret that I love a good box subscription, especially when it involves having great clothes shipped straight to my door! Stitch Fix and Evereve Trendsend are two of my favs! Stitch Fix ships 5 separate pieces based on your style profile and a quick note to your stylist all for a $20 style fee. The fee gets applied to anything you purchase and you earn 25% off your order if you keep all five pieces. Trendsend does not have a styling fee or discount for keeping more pieces, BUT (and a big BUT here), the Trendsend Stylist sends you 3 full, ready-to-go outfits and usually ideas for mixing and matching pieces from each outfit.


So what happens when you send each stylist the same style note? Find out in this battle of the boxes review, Stitch Fix vs Trendsend. Here’s what I told my stylist:

I’d love trendy pieces I can mix and match for work and weekend for early summer in Georgia. I’d love mom-friendly, on trend summer styles that combine function and fashion and can go from a day at the office to date night or weekend soccer mom with a few quick shoe or accessory changes!



Stitch Fix Item #1

Apricot Hermione Dress, $68 before discount

I loved the classic silhouette of this dress and was really excited that it was something I could wear for dressier client meeting and presentation days at the office. When I tried it on however, the back and hip darts didn’t quite hit exactly where they needed to on my long torso.

Verdict: Return because of fit issues (Sad face)


Stitch Fix Item #2

Kaileigh Seanna Faux Wrap Knit Dress, $48 before discount

I really loved the simplicity of this polka dot print and wrap dresses typically fit me really well. They’re great for work and even evening events for the office. Plus I know my husband tends to love any time I wear classic stripes of polka dots. I was a little on the fence from a fit standpoint on this one. The cut seemed to be a little off on my long torso but my husband loved it on me and assured me it didn’t look “too short”. I still have some doubts about it being a prefect fit but I think it works well for the office and my husband promised to take me out for date night without the kids in this dress! Win!

Verdict: Keep


Stitch Fix Item #3

Fun2Fun Keating Cutout Back Top, $34 before discount

My coral tropical floral print top seemed to have suddenly gotten a hole in it sometime during the last wear/wash cycle so I was excited at this potential replacement. I tried it on and the fit was great but I was a little underwhelmed for some reason. All of the boxes were checked, color, fit, unique detailed back cut-out but it still felt like a miss. I think I needed a few more colors in the print to keep the print from feeling a bit “senior citizen” on me. #Over40Problems

Verdict: Return


Stitch Fix Item #4

Hazel Kalena Embroidery Detail Top, $54 before discount

I was super excited about this top when I pulled it out of the box. I loved the style and the color felt very summery and fresh! Unfortunately when I tried it on, it was just too big under the arms and no matter how hard I tried, you could see all or at least some of my bra.

Verdict: Return


Stitch Fix Item #5

Margaret M Lea Printed Short, $68 before discount

It goes without saying that I LOVE everything Margaret M! These shorts are fabulous and the colors feel fresh and fun but still classic. Of course the pull on waist is a win in my book and as usual the quality is top notch. The price on Margaret M always gives me a bit of pause but I wear my other shorts so much, this felt like a smart spend.

Verdict: Keep, keep, keep!



Trendsend Outfit #1

Michael Stars Neon Bodycon Dress, $88 & Thirty Nine 42 Mixed Metals Necklace, $34

The color on this dress is so fun and summery. It fits like a glove and I can picture myself wearing it to concerts and events in our neighborhood. It’s comfortable and easily paired with sandals or layered with a denim jacket on cooler nights. My husband really loved this dress (although I suspect that it was just because it was so form fitting – haha!). I just couldn’t justify the $88 price tag though when I started thinking about all the back to school clothes our 3 kids will need in the next few weeks.

Verdict: Return. Back both go solely on budget.


Trendsend Outfit #2

Kut from the Kloth Connie Step Hem Denim Skirt, $69 & Cloth and Stone Plaid Shirt, $88

I so wanted to be cool enough to rock this trendy denim skirt! When I put it on though, I couldn’t help feeling like my 90s high school self. No matter what shoes I tried, I felt like I was just missing my 4-inch high, hair-sprayed to the hilt bangs. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the plaid shirt fit since I normally feel like a lumberjack in anything plaid and button down. Spending $88 on a plaid button down seemed like a bit too much when the temps in Atlanta are 90 plus degrees though.

Verdict: Return Both, although I’ll probably regret sending the plaid shirt back when October comes around!


Trendsend Outfit #3

Sunday in Brooklyn Asymmetrical Tank, $24.99 On Sale & Lysse Ella Leggings, $39.99 On Sale

I love Lysse brand leggings and my favorite pair of leather leggings are Lysse. I wasn’t sure about leggings in July but the fact they were on sale seemed promising. I loved the fun color of the asymmetrical tank and it filled the gap in my wardrobe of fun date night options. The tank is really fun and a definite keeper and at under $30 who can resist! The leggings unfortunately run about a size too small so back they go.

Verdict: Keep 1, Return 1


So who won? Stitch Fix or Trendsend?

Stitch Fix: If you want more budget-conscious, boutique quality options and are good with separates rather than styled outfits, Stitch Fix is the way to go. The 25% discount for keeping all items makes it realistic to get 5 new items for about $200-$250. From a budget perspective, Stitch Fix wins more than Trendsend in my world.

Trendsend: If you’re looking for a bit higher quality clothing and want complete outfit suggestions, Trendsend is the way to go. The cost for keeping all three full outfits is about double that of a full Stitch Fix box but I have to say almost every box I get, I want to keep everything but my bank account says “no way!” If I went solely on style and quality of clothes and ignored my budget, Trendsend would win every time hands down. The notes are really personalized and mom-empowering which I adore and the outfits always feel great pulled together.




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