Stitch Fix Review: Work Wear Refresh


By now, you all know my love of Stitch Fix! I mean, what’s not to love?! A personal stylist picks 5 things in your size and style then ships them to your house. You can try them on in the comfort of your own home without the “oh so unflattering” fluorescent dressing room lights and with a glass of wine! You get a discount if you keep everything and if something doesn’t work, you just pack it up in a prepaid envelope and stick it in your mailbox! Easy Peasy!  If you don’t know Stitch Fix yet, you can check out more here.

So this month I asked my stylist to send me work wear because I seem to have bought more weekend wear lately than stuff for work! Somehow shopping for knotted tees and distressed shorts just seems like more fun on a Saturday! My Stitch Fix stylist is usually right on target for me when it comes to dresses, blouses and pants I can wear to work. So how did she do this month?



I have to admit, I was instantly in love as soon as I pulled this out of the box. Skies Are Blue is one of my favorite Stitch Fix brands. They have great unexpected details and their fit tends to work on me off the rack (or out of the box in this case!). The color of this is perfect for summer and the cut is fitted enough to wear as a layering piece but the detailing makes it great alone as well! I can’t wait to rock this to work in warmer weather. I’m also thinking this would look great with my Dolce Vita Leopard Sandals!

Verdict: Keep.



I love a good floral print anything and this dress fit like a dream which made it tempting to keep. I just couldn’t get past the bright 60s inspired floral print though on this one. I felt like I was playing dress up in my mom’s wardrobe from college! Let me tell you – she rocked this print with a hot pair of white go go boots! But, alas, the pattern of this dress just didn’t feel like “me” so back it goes. The fit of the dress and the no wrinkle material makes this one tempting to request in another pattern next time!

Verdict: Return.



I love Skies Are Blue and asked my stylist to throw in one off the shoulder blouse so I can try the trend! I had high hopes for this one given that it checked off both of those things right out of the box. The fit left a lot to be desired on me. In theory, the boho pattern is everything I’d look for and my friend has this same shirt and looks amazing in it. Something about how the top of the shirt hit me and where the straps fell just made it big all over on me and looking more like a muumuu on me than a trendy off the shoulder, date night blouse!

Verdict: Return.



The pattern and embroidery on this one made my boho heart skip a beat when I first saw it. My second thought though was a bit disappointed when I remembered that I requested a work wear fix! This dress was way too low cut and too short to even think about wearing to work! And when I say low cut… I mean way WAY low cut… like you could see down to my bellybutton if I dared lean forward, low cut! Back it goes because cleavage is never work appropriate for this mama!

Verdict: Return.


When I saw this in the box I was excited to try out a new blazer! Blazers make such a great layering piece for work and make the 3-piece rule a breeze on busy work day mornings! The color is great and I loved the idea of a collarless blazer for summer plus 41Hawthorne is typically one of my “go to” brands with Stitch Fix. Slam Dunk, right?! Unfortunately no… on this great blazer immediately turned me into a Delta flight attendant! Once that thought popped into my mind, no matter what I paired it with, this blazer became a no. As much as I love my flight attendant friends, this wasn’t exactly the look I was going for in my office job!

Verdict: Return.



Overall, I didn’t really feel like my Fix was a work wear Fix which was a bit disappointing. Maybe requesting the off the shoulder top threw my stylist off her focus on all things work wear. She did a great job sending brands I’ve loved in the past and throwing in lots of color for warmer weather but patterns and fit and overall style didn’t work for me this month. I kept the Skies Are Blue top and already have lots of ideas on how to mix it with my favorite Margaret M skirts and pants for work! So, not a total loss!



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