Stitch Fix Review: Athleisure Edition

Stitch Fix Box

My last Stitch Fix was a bit of a disaster. I was on the fence about ordering another one, but decided there wasn’t much to lose in the long run. Previous Fixes have been hit-or-miss, ranging from keeping all five items to keeping nothing. This time, I decided to give my stylist a bit more direction than “Surprise me!” I asked for some winter-to-spring transition pieces that would align with the althleisure trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

I really love any trend that allows me to be comfortable and fashionable, and I’ve seen some Pinterest looks that expertly straddled that line. I  was hoping for a new pair of joggers. I bought an olive green pair from the Lisa Rinna collection during a maternity-leave binge HSN session. I loved the versatility and comfort of them and was hoping for a new pair.


Stitch Fix Item #1: 41HAWTHORN – Mallio Double Bar Back Knit Top

Stitch Fix 41Hawthorn Deep Purple Bar Top

I’m a sucker for a top that has some interesting details on the back, like an exposed zipper, cutout or anything else you can think of. Plus, this one was long enough for me to wear over leggings without showcasing the junk in trunk, so it was a no-brainer. I like the deep purple color but wished it was a little lighter for the spring.

Status: Kept and did a happy dance


Stitch Fix Item #2: NINE BRITTON – Amiyah Cross Back Knit Top

Stitch Fix Nine Britton Amiyah Cross Back Knit Top

Theoretically, this should be another no-brainer to keep since it checked the same “interesting back detail” as the top below. Unfortunately, the fit was totally off and I didn’t feel like the color did any favors on me. The shirt was short in both the sleeves and the torso area, and the back cut out fell in such a way that it was like a giant spotlight on my butt. And of course, just as I was looking at it in the mirror and thinking “ewwww” my husband walked in and told me how cute it was.

Status: See ya


Stitch Fix Item #3: RD STYLE – Jinna Sleeveless Cardigan

Stitch Fix Athleisure RD Style Jenna Sleeveless Cardigan

I’ve told my stylist several times that RD Style has been one of my favorite brands that they’ve sent me, and each time she tries to put in a piece by them. This sleeveless cardigan is cute, and I could see snuggling up in it on the weekend or throwing it over a dress for work. But, with the temperatures in Georgia already rising and a desire to move away from my normal dark color palette, I wasn’t feeling it. Especially for the price and since I have a similar, but longer one that I purchased from Target for $25.

Status: sent back, kissed my Target Red Card


Stitch Fix Item #4: KENNETH COLE – Kam-Era Lace-Up Sneaker

Stitch Fix Athleisure Kenneth Cole Kim-Era Lace Up Sneakers
One of the hallmarks of the athleisure trend is some sweet sneaks. These do NOT fit that bill, and I was almost offended when I unwrapped this pair. There is literally nothing special about these other then the insane price tag for something so plain. They look like something from Nurse Ratchet’s wardrobe. I even tried putting them on to see if it was like walking on a cloud of angel dust, but they are just as uncomfortable as they are ugly.

Status: get these out of my house NOW



Stitch Fix Item #5: MARC NEW YORK – Dayton Acid Wash Moto Detail Legging

Stitch Fix Athleisure Marc New York Dayton Acid Wash Moto Detail Legging
When I first opened my box and looked at everything, I was admittedly a little annoyed (hey, it was a long day at work!) to see $50 leggings included. Who pays $50 for leggings when you can get a pair just about anywhere for a quarter of the price? I was determined to try everything in my box on no matter how it looked in the package, and boy, am I glad I did. These leggings are HEAVEN. Not only do they look super cool with the acid wash and moto detail, but they feel like you aren’t even wearing any pants! So, who the hell pays $50 for leggings? This Mamanista!

Status: Kept, and trying to figure out how I can buy more and live in these


The Final Damage

I ended up keeping two of my five items from this month’s Stitch Fix, for a total of $96. I’m in love with my Marc New York leggings and never want to take them off.

Stitch Fix Athleisure Review


Stitch Fix Athleisure




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