How Not to Look Like a Hot Mess


Y’all, it’s been one of those weeks. Husband is traveling, I’m getting killed at the office and my toddler has a cold that prevented her from sleeping for three nights in a row. By Wednesday, I looked rougher than Courtney Love after a night out.

There’s good news, though! I have several tried-and-true beauty tricks up my sleeve from all the fun I had when life was a little less grown-up. And since there comes a time in every working moms life where you need a little extra help after a glass (okay, BOTTLE) of wine, I thought I would impart some of my hard-earned wisdom for overcoming a tired face and dark, puffy eyes.


Go ahead and pour yourself a pot of coffee, but while you’re at it, start hydrating. Water fixes everything, especially that puffy feeling after a long night. And the headache.

Cold spoons.

Yes, you read that right. While you’re hydrating, go ahead and put two spoons in the fridge to chill for at least 10 minutes. Before putting on your makeup, press the chilled spoons gently over your eyes to reduce puffiness. I typically do this for about five minutes – you get used to the initial shock of the cold metal, and it’s totally worth it!
(Note: if you are one of those super moms with sliced cucumbers or strawberries in your fridge, go for it.)



Skip the face wash and use a gentle exfoliator to help bring some of the glow back to your skin. Rinse with cold water. This not only helps wake you up but is surprisingly effective at reducing puffiness and closing your pores to reduce oil and give your face a refreshed look.


Less is more.

Your skin just isn’t the same when it’s tired – it’s a little dry, shows more lines, maybe a tinge gray… ugh. So, to avoid a caked-on look, I prefer to use a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation. You can also mix a little liquid foundation with your usual moisturizer for a similar effect (an awesome tip from my fabulous BFF, Ashley). Finish off the face with highlighter around the eyes, brows and cheek bones, and then go for a peach- or rose-colored blush. No need for any bronzer, as you are trying to minimize any shadows on your face.


Neutral eyes for the win.

Use a white or nude eyeliner pencil along the inner rim of your eyelid and around the inside corner of your eye to reduce the look of redness. Go ahead and blend some white eye shadow into the corner of your eyes, and then opt for light shades on the lids. I used a nude shadow layered with a touch of a shimmery gold this week, because a little extra sparkle never hurts. Finish your look with some mascara on the top lashes only for a brighter, more open eye.

Glitter eyeshadow makeup

You must resist!


What tips do you have for not looking like a hot mess when you feel like one?


How Not to Look Like a Hot Mess


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