Welcome to The Modern Mamanista

Real Moms. Real Fashion. Real Busy.

Our goal at The Modern Mamanista is to empower and inspire busy working moms of all shapes and sizes to embrace their inner beauty in the midst of all the crazy, beautiful, heart-filling chaos we call motherhood.

We do this by:

-Showing you what real working moms wear to the office and on the weekend. Between the three of us, there are three significant others, six children from the ages of seven months to 13, 120+ hours of work, and much, much more.

Highlighting REAL working moms in all shapes and sizes. We believe beauty comes in all different forms and is not just what you see on the cover of a magazine or on TV.

Bringing you the things we love and that make our lives easier. We are all in this together and what helps one of us, may help another. And as we tell our kids, “sharing is caring,” right?

Being real and authentic. We are not beauty school graduates. We are not professional photographers. We are not able to spend hours getting ready. Our pictures may not have the best lighting and there may be toys or a messy house in the background, but we promise you they are real.

-Inspiring you with stories about real working moms who amaze us. And hopefully will inspire you, too.

-Sharing on trend items at all different price points. Kids are expensive. Life is expensive. If you have the money to splurge on this seasons “it bag,” good for you (and can we borrow it?) If not, we got you covered with alternatives at different price points that won’t break the bank.

What you won’t see:

-Articles about how to “Get Your Body Back After a Baby.” It was always yours, you just had a roommate for nine months.

-Debating “Who wore it best?” Who cares? If two people are wearing the same outfit, then let’s celebrate their great sense of style without judgment.

-“Can you believe she wore this?!” Go on and rock that plaid button down blazer with the oversized shoulder pads. If you feel beautiful in it, that’s all that matters. We’re here to inspire, not to judge.

-Mommy wars. If you stay at home with your children, great! If you’re a working mom, great! There’s no need to debate. Motherhood is the toughest job you’ll ever have and we’re all doing the best we can so let’s all just honor and support one another.

Meet the Mamanistas

The Modern Mamanista was created by Aimee and Sarah while standing in line at the office Keurig, which is conveniently stationed right outside of Sarah’s office. “OMG, you look so cute!” become the standard good morning. In the time it took to brew the coffee, we decided to start a blog for busy working moms. Over the years it’s evolved to a blog and online boutique and we couldn’t be happier to connect with so many wonderful Mamanistas in this community.

About Sarah

I believe shoes, not diamonds, are really a girl’s best friend.

Key Stats:
Height: 5’ 8”
Size: 4; Small
Occupation: Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Fashion Blogger, Boutique Owner

This Mamanista started as a young fashionista when my mom bought me a Fashion Plates drawing set and Superstar Barbie Fashion Face for my birthday in the 80s. For work, I gravitate toward effortless chic and look for great jewelry and shoes to make my outfit. I’d like to think shoes, not diamonds are really a girl’s best friend.

For the weekends, I embrace my girl next door style with more casual chic,  comfortable pieces that take me from errands to kid activities and family dinners at our favorite restaurant or a concert at our neighborhood plaza.  No lounge pants and slippers or mom jeans for this mom!

About the Littles:

  • Noah, 16
  • Jacob, 12
  • Ella, 13

My Favorite Feature: My eyes and my legs

Keep your heels, head and standards high.
-Coco Chanel

Guest Bloggers:

About Aimee

I prefer shopping from my couch. With a glass of wine.


Age: 34

Height: 5’ 11”

Size: 14, L/XL

Occupation: Marketing Director

I am a budget conscious shopper but not afraid to throw down on a few key investment pieces. I used to love shopping at the mall but with three children and most brands generous online return policies, I much prefer shopping from my couch. With a glass of wine.

For work, I tend to look for classic pieces with interesting details  – I’ve never met an exposed zipper I didn’t like. For the weekends, I look for easy pieces that allow me to move and chase after three crazy kids.

I believe that jewelry can totally change an outfit. I do not own or want an iron. I am still searching for the perfect handbag.

About the Littles:

  • L, 8
  • Z, 5
  • P, 2

Favorite Feature: My hair and smile

I believe that jewelry can totally change an outfit.

About Liz

Meet Liz from The Modern Mamanista

The most important accessory is confidence.


Height: 5′, 6″

Size: 0/2, XS/S

Occupation: Communications Manager

Growing up as one of five children, I was accustomed to hand-me-downs and having to make due after realizing one of my sisters just left in what I wanted to wear. Again.

Though I live for celebrity red carpet fashion, I have stayed true to my thrifty roots and love nothing more than to spend an entire Saturday walking down each and every aisle of TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, DSW, yada, yada, yada… Now, as a working mom, I get my fix by shopping online. If I am shopping in something other than pajamas, I’m at a children’s boutique consignment sale with an armful of smocked dresses.

I live for classic, feminine looks and look to Kate Middleton or Miranda Kerr (or some Prosecco) for a little style inspiration.

About My Mini-Me

Cate – 4 (and already matching her hairbows to her outfit)

Favorite Features: Eyes and Collarbone (Y’all, is that weird?!)

“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw