Gift List for the Crafty Mom

Let's Spend Some Money


We love those moms who see the world a bit differently… they see a painting, a vinyl cutout, a hand-knit scarf or a craft around every corner! We picked a few favorite gifts to celebrate all things creative and crafty this holiday season!

I’m So Crafty Mug – $12.85 –

Somedays I’m just so crafty I really feel like I could sweat glitter! If you know a mom who is a fabulous crafter, this just might be the perfect gift to sip from while crafting the day away!

DIY Cross Stitch Leather Cuff – $25.00 –

Embroidery like you’ve never seen it! This kit includes everything your crafty Mamanista needs to stitch her very own leather bracelet.

Wine + Crafts T-Shirt – $24.50 –

Graphic tees are big this season! What better gift for the crafty mom in your life than combining three great things into one – graphic tee, wine, and crafts!

Vintage Craft Box – $25.00 –

We love the vintage hippie girl flair to this craft box. It makes the perfect gift for your creative Mamanista to store her arts and craft supplies!

Crafty Bracelet – $16.95 –

Let your creative Mamanista show off how creative and crafty they are to the world! We love this handstamped silver cuff bracelet for the “crafty” Mamanista!


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