February Boxycharm: Am I a Unicorn?

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I love my Boxycharm. At the beginning of every month, I eagerly check my email looking for the confirmation that my package is on its way. Once it ships, I stalk the mailbox – like Ralphie waiting to get his Little Orphan Annie decoder pin – until it arrives. And then I wait until my three-year-old is asleep before I even open the box, because I want to be able to enjoy exploring the different items uninterrupted.

I’ve found some of my favorite beauty products from Boxycharm … like my It Cosmetics eyebrow pencil and this eyeshadow palette I use everyday.

I usually only like to share about the products I love; no need to let my negativity live forever on the interwebs. However, I feel like this complaint needs to be heard:

The unicorn trend is getting out of control, guys. I’m a thirty-something woman with a full-time career and a toddler who looks up to me for guidance. I want to reminisce about my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper-carrying days, not look like a holographic unicorn sticker.

Okay… Now that I’ve gotten that out, let’s check out what came in my Boxycharm this month!

CoverFX – Shimmer Veil

What it is: A creamy eyeshadow that promises to be “crease-proof enough for the boldest of eye looks.”

My opinion: This eyeshadow won’t budge, which is unfortunate because the ultra-glittery lavender hue isn’t my best look.

Crown Brush – Pro Brush Trio

What it is: A 3-piece brush set for applying concealer, contouring and setting makeup.

My opinion: These brushes are pretty and so soft, and I need practice contouring.

Naked Cosmetics – Holographic Highlighter Palette

What it is: A palette of six iridescent highlighter shades for “makeup enthusiasts.”

My opinion: My three-year-old loves this palette. The pink and purple shades look especially adorable on her, and the blue goes fabulously with her Elsa dress.

Seraphine Botanicals – Sugar + Lemon Moisturizing Lip Buffer

What it is: “A blend of soft sugar crystals within a rich, nourishing salve base that gently exfoliates and buffs lips, leaving behind smoother skin with a touch of refreshing Lemon Zest scent.”

My opinion: This isn’t as great as my Fresh lip scrub, but I like it. I’ll use this one when I’m traveling.

Vintage by Jessica Liebskind – Eyeliner Pencil

What it is: A black eyeliner pencil.

My opinion: This may be my new favorite eyeliner pencil. The color is very pigmented, stays in place all day and literally glides on. Sorry, Sarah, but I can’t give you this black eyeliner.


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