Fab Fit Fun Review: Winter Box


Chances are you’ve seen Fab Fit Fun pop up in your newsfeeds for a few years now. If you’re like me, you’ve clicked “add to cart” a million times but always bail and wonder if it is really worth taking the $49.99 plunge! If you’re not familiar with how it works, you sign up by season and then Fab Fit Fun let’s you choose 1-3 items for your box or choose to be completely surprised.

The Winter Box is my second Fab Fit Fun box and I wondered if it could live up to my first one! Check out my brutally honest review below to see if the Winter Box was a hit or miss! Remember, each box is different so you may receive some of the same items or may receive a few surprises of your own!  Not sure you’re ready to take the plunge yet? Fab Fit Fun is also offering free starter boxes to new subscribers, all you have to pay is shipping. Comment with your email if you’re interested, we’ve got 4 free boxes to send!


Winter headbands are trendy this winter and perfect when you want to throw your hair up in a top knot or just don’t want to sport hat hair when you come in from the elements. This set is so cute and even comes with a pair of fingerless gloves that convert to mittens, a perfect text-friendly option so you can send that text to your kids or respond to emails on the go!

WAY OF WILL Essential Oil Set

Both of these essential oils are focused on energy and feeling awake and uplifted. Sounds like a great way to start the new year. I need to pick up another oil diffuser after my last one bit the dust so for now, I’m putting a few drops in the shower each morning to help me wake up. The steam makes the whole room smell heavenly!

Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener

I’ve had my eye on this eye brightener for a few months now so I was thrilled to see it in my Winter Box. It claims to make you look like you’ve had a full 8 hours sleep which is something every busy mama dreams of! So far, I’m loving the look it adds to my usual make-up routine. I instantly feel like it brightens up my face and hides the dark circles under my eye from not enough sleep!

Sherrie Matthews Jade Roller

I’ve seen jade rollers popping up all over blogs and social media claiming to reduce inflammation and help with blood flow so you look refreshed and younger. All sounds good to me. I’ve used it a few times and I’m not sure I see any immediate change but I think this is one that needs more time and a bit more research.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is a mom’s best friend! I’ve used Suave Dry Shampoo off and on for years and it’s been my all time favorite. I’ve noticed recently that it doesn’t quite do the job it once did. I think my hair is getting used to the dry shampoo and it’s time for a change. This one fits the bill! So far, it seems to be giving me that “I just washed my hair” look I’ve been missing!

BLAQ Eye Masks

These eye masks promise to de-puff under-eye areas with this activated charcoal eye mask for a refreshed look. I haven’t had a chance to test then out yet but after the busy week I’ve had now seems like the perfect time to give them a try and let them work their magic!

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick

This lipstick feels great on and strikes the perfect balance between neutral and just the right pop of color. It doesn’t stay put like my Lipsense does but it’s ultra creamy texture feels great on my winter dry lips and it’s a great choice when I need a more neutral color.

AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask

This mask is made with mineral spring water, shea butter, and vitamin E which makes it feel rich and creamy. My skin gets really dry in the winter and this helps if I can remember to use it once a week!


VERDICT: Although I fell like my Fall Box had bigger items in it, this Winter Box still had loads of great products all full size and feeling luxurious and well made all for less than $50! When I added it all up, retail for everything would be $326! That’s just crazy to me (in a good way of course)! Plus I found a lot of really cool things that I’ve never seen before and some products I’ve been curious about but never tried. I can’t wait to dive in even more and try out everything out more!

Interested in trying a Fall box of your own? Click here to use my referral code for $10 off your first box and I’ll receive the same off my next box for spring. I promise to share all the inside info with you as a thank you, don’t worry!


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