Black Friday Style Tip: Shop Early, Shop Cute!


Mamanista Style Tip

This week is not only Thanksgiving but also one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Black Friday means many of us will be up early this Friday, rushing out the door to get to the best sales before time or inventory runs out.

So how do we shop early AND shop cute? Mamanista Naomi offers this fun style tip to rock your t-shirt and jeans like the Mamanista you are! Throw on your favorite graphic tee, then pull the bottom hem to a side belt loop, and loop it through. You can leave it looped through your belt loop or knot it in place to secure it, depending on the t-shirt length and preference.  img_5302

Voila! Mamanista On the Go! Bring on the Early Bird Specials!

If you want to find your own t-shirt to rock this Black Friday, visit our 5 T-Shirts Every Mamanista Needs blog post to shop for one of your own!


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