Beauty Tip: The 1 Minute “I’m Too Tired” Skin Care Routine



As Modern Mamanistas, we all move in a thousand different directions all day long balancing work, family, significant other, and responsibilities at home and just trying to keep all of our plates spinning. If you’re like me, most nights it takes every bit of remaining energy I have just to convince my legs to stand up off the couch at 11:00pm to walk upstairs to bed.

By the time I make it upstairs to the bathroom, a long skin care routine is definitely not on my list! The problem with that is that my skin can’t seem to decide if it belongs to a 13-year-old teenage girl or 40-year-old woman! I mean seriously, could we just pick either acne or crow’s feet to battle… why do I have to be blessed with both?!

Our friend Kathleen at Rodan and Fields has the answer to my case of “too tired” to wash my face with this Under 1 minute nightly skin care routine. Bonus… it helps fight the crow’s feet and lines that seem to be coming along with my 40s! And for you new mamas, the Multi-Function eye cream fights puffy eyes and dark circles from those nights of multiple feedings!

Step 1: Open the pack of Redefine Eye Cloths and wipe across face to remove make up, clean your face and fight fine lines at the same time.

Step 2: Dab Multi-Function Eye Cream along top and slightly under eyes.

Step 3: Finish with Overnight Restorative Cream to firm up and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.

Step 4: Crawl into bed and let the products work while you get your beauty sleep. 


If you want to try this “Too Tired” Mini Skin Care Routine or talk with Kathleen about putting together your own skin care routine, you can call or email her at 215-498-0450 or [email protected] or visit her website.





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