Amazon Prime: Hits and Misses

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Amazon Prime is the stuff busy mama’s dreams are made of! Add items to cart and they magically appear in two business days without shipping costs! Sign me up!

The pro and con of Amazon is that everything seems more fabulous, more fashionable and better with free shipping! With a growth in vendors offered through Amazon however, sometimes what shows up on your doorstep is far different than what you saw on the screen when you clicked “add to cart”!

Here are my hits and misses from this week’s “add to cart,” late night Amazon binge!



I’ve seen more expensive versions of these pearl hoop earrings on bloggers and in stores like JCrew and just had to try the Amazon version for under $10! They are super cute in person and made surprisingly well for $9.95. I struggle with big hoops after reconstructive surgery on my ear lobes which made these feel a bit too big and a bit too awkward on me. If you’re a hoops girl though, these are definitely worth the $9.95.

Verdict: Return.



This gold layered coin necklace adds rich gold hues to a basic fall tee or layered cardigan. The layering gives the necklace a longer base length which keeps it from getting lost amongst fall textures and hues. I tend to wear more gold these days but this necklace also comes in rose gold and silver for those of you who gravitate toward other metals.

Verdict: Keep.



This slouchy gray tunic dress gave me visions of strolling through the weekend with a casually, fashion forward dress paired with my gold loafers from Target or Over the Knee cognac boots. In reality though, the pockets are way too big on this dress making it feel really ill fitting! Back it goes but now I’m on the hunt for the “right” version of this style for fall.

Verdict: Return.



Leopard print is a huge trend this fall so I was excited to score this Nordstrom lookalike cardigan for under $30! This one is definitely a case of “looks better online” unfortunately. In reality, the edges of the cardigan are not sewn so it’s an unhemmed cut of the fabric along the open front edges. The fit is really on the big side so it ended up feeling like a reject from that time that I thought I’d teach myself how to sew rather than a trendy, designer knock-off! In the meantime, I ordered this designer knock-off fuzzy leopard coat from ShopTMM to fill my leopard fix this season!

Verdict: Return.



These are so cute and trendy in person! They definitely don’t feel as heavy or as nice as the real thing but they feel ultra fashionable on and come in a variety of colors. The fun, rhinestone details on th eside of the frames adds just the right amount of glamour to these shades. Unfortunately, I have a child-sized head so most sunglasses are a struggle for me to find the right fit. These were no exception to that rule. Try as I might, they were just too big on my face. If you don’t suffer from a freakishly small head like me, they are worth the $12.99!

Verdict: Return.



I’m a huge fan of big, cozy blanket scarves! Maybe it’s because I’m always freezing or maybe it’s because they feel comfy and cozy and instantly add interest to a basic jeans and long sleeve tee! This scarf is no exception! It’s super cozy and not scratchy and the colors are really beautiful in person. The only drawback on this one is that it took forever (like 3-4 weeks which is forever in Amazon prime time!) to arrive despite the Amazon Prime tag at purchase.

Verdict: Keep.




DISCLOSURE: The Amazon links in this post contains affiliate codes, where I will receive a very small percentage (typically less than 4%) back to support this blog if you make a purchase using my link. We use this money to pay for web hosting fees and other necessities to keep this blog running. However, all clothing was purchased with my own money and I was in no way paid for my review of these items.


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