7 Beauty Products Every Woman Needs in Her Purse

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My sisters will tell you I’m definitely a product girl. I’ve loved lip gloss and beauty products since I was little, and even carried my favorite shade of gloss in my purse while riding big wheels as a little girl. Over the years, I’ve become more minimal with what I carry in my purse, but these essential seven always make the cut.




First up, concealer. Like most busy women, under eye circles tend to plague me. Keeping concealer on hand is a good way to “brighten up” your look midday or deal with the unexpected break out. I love Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer for its silky texture and addition of vitamin C to help instantly reduce the appearance of dark circles. The backstory on this brand is pretty cool too. The founder combined her experience healing with holistic health and her love for fashion and design to create a clean makeup line that’s also luxurious. She is most definitely a woman after my own heart!

Rosebud Salve

Are you familiar with this classic? To say Rosebud Salve is “simply the best” would be an understatement, if you ask me. Use it alone as a silky smooth gloss (with just the right hint of pink) or layer over your favorite lip color to soften up your look, and your lips. Finding the perfect lip moisturizer that is neither goopy or sticky is a trick, but Rosebud Salve delivers each and every time. You can also use this catch-all product on the skin for added moisture or to soothe minor irritations, making it an even better addition to your purse essentials.

Lip Crayon

My mom taught me that if you only do one thing before you leave the house, put on lipstick. And quite honestly, I couldn’t agree more! Lipstick instantly makes you look pulled together and gives you a more polished look. If you’re feeling tired in the the afternoon, a fresh coat of color instantly perks up your look, and your attitude. These days, I prefer lip crayons with a matte finish for a softer look and more staying power as they tend to “stain” your lips. Try Honest Company’s Demi Matte Lip Crayon in Fig. Be sure to buy two… one for home and one that stays in your purse so you never leave home without it.



A travel size perfume is a must for your purse. Dinner plans after work? A fresh spritz of your signature scent goes a long way to get you in the mood. While I love smelling pretty, perfume is notoriously toxic, which is why I was so ecstatic to find a scent that I absolutely adore, but is also clean. Check out WEST (and other scents) by Ellis Brooklyn. With key notes of blood orange, waterlily and vetiver, not only is this perfume GORGEOUS, it’s paraben-free, vegan, made in the USA, and comes in an environmentally friendly bottle. Did I mention it’s pink?! I also love Ameline by Phlur, another elegant yet non-toxic scent with notes of rose, Italian bergamot and pink pepper.


Nail File

A nail file for your purse is as essential as it comes. A broken nail can snag your clothes or just plain drive you crazy all day long. Bonus: if you keep one in your purse, you’ll always know where to find it when you’re looking for one. Add a hint of sophistication to your basic grooming routine by upgrading to a glass file and you’ll also be doing mother nature a favor by being more environmentally friendly. My sister got this glass one in her stocking from her hubby last Christmas and it works like a charm and stores safely in your purse without scratching anything else in your bag.

Cute Hair Ties

Long hair or short hair, a bad hair day can ruin your day real fast. This is why I always keep a couple of Kitsch Coil Hair Ties in my purse for hair emergencies whenever they strike. Sometimes the best solution is to just throw your hair up in a messy bun or cute ponytail and be done with it. Even better, with the right accessories, no one will guess you were in a pinch. I love the new coil hair tie trend. They hold hair in place securely while still allowing you to pull some hair out or tease it up a bit while still holding the rest of your ponytail or top knot in place. Never underestimate the power of a good hair day by keeping these essentials in your purse.


Brush or Comb

It might seem strange to consider a “brush” as a purse essential, but honestly expecting your hair to look good all day without brushing it is kind of silly when you stop and think about it. I love this brush by Sheila Stotts because it detangles without pulling your hair and can even be used in the shower. I have thick hair, so I often struggle with brushes being strong enough, especially when my hair is wet. The metal “teeth” give you a great scalp massage and help evenly distribute oil throughout your hair. I am also a big fan of this wooden paddle brush by Aveda. It’s gentle on the hair and great to use when blowing out your hair. This one may be a little big for your purse, but it’s great to have in your repertoire at home. Another good option if you don’t want to carry a brush, is to keep a wide tooth comb in your purse. I love this wide tooth detangling comb by Kristin Ess or tortoise wide tooth comb by Swissco.


Keep yourself organized by placing these items in a small cosmetic bag that can easily be moved from purse to work bag to date night clutch.





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