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NOTE: This article was originally published on February, 2017, and has since been updated to include even more awesome podcasts!

Admittedly, I was against Podcasts for a very long time! I’m a visual learner and there’s something about holding a book or reading things from a piece of paper that resonates with me. Fast forward a few years and my tune has changed! I now spend between 2-5 hours in the car a day so I’ve been on the hunt for podcasts to make better use of my time on the road.

Not only are podcasts FREE (which means you get to spend you’re hard-earned money on something FABULOUS), but they’re super-portable. They can go anywhere your phone goes, and let’s face it, busy moms always have their phones with them.  You can listen to podcasts on your commute, at work, at the gym, while you’re shopping, doing housework (although you really should outsource that)! It certainly makes city traffic and long commutes a little less painful.

So if you think free, portable entertainment sounds awesome, here are five of my current favorites!

RISE Podcast

Genre: Non-Fiction

Frequency: Every Tuesday

Approximate Length: 20-50 minutes

Rachel Hollis has seemed to take over the internet these days! After her bestselling book Girl ,Wash Your Face her podcasts, blog and speaking engagements are some of the most popular out there. Her laid back style and tell it like it is approach leave you feeling like you’ve just had coffee with your childhood B.F.F.  Her podcast covers everything from business success, leadership, relationships and momlife.

photo copyright RISE podcast with Rachel Hollis on iTunes


RISE Together Podcast

Genre: Non-Fiction

Frequency: Every Wednesday or Thursday

Approximate Length: 20-50 minutes

Rachel and her husband Dave have teamed up to discuss all things family, marriage, relationships and parenthood in this husband-wife podcast. Grab a cup of coffee and join them for what feels like coffee with your neighbors in this discussion where no topic is off limits but you somehow feel like your much wiser couple friends just gave you the reassurance you need to up your relationship and parent game!

Image copyright The Hollis Co RISE Together with Rachel Hollis and Dave Hollis

Cultivate Your Life with Lara Casey

Genre: Non-Fiction

Frequency: Every Thursday

Approximate Length: 60 minutes

Lara Casey founded Cultivate What Matters blog and product line chock full of goal-setting worksheets, planning and organization tips and lots of supportive motivation. She just launched her own podcast covering all of the above and then some!

image copyrighted by Lara Casey Cultivate What Matters

The Goal Digger Podcast

Genre: Non-Fiction

Frequency: Varies Weekly

Approximate Length: 20-50 minutes

The live-workshop style business podcast includes interviews with business leaders, bloggers, celebrities and more to help Jenna’s followers define success and chase their dreams. Jenna is a recent mom and body positive model for American Eagle and Aerie brands so expect to see some mom-inspiring podcasts in the near future.

image copyright Jenna Kutcher Goal Digger podcast

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Genre: Non-Fiction

Frequency: Every Tuesday

Approximate Length: 60 minutes

Tony Robbins is a self-improvement and motivation powerhouse. If you haven’t listened to any of his stuff, it’s worth giving him a try in 2019. With years of experience, there a dozens of subjects and podcasts to listen to. He’s a no nonsense speaker who’s not afraid to cut to the truth fast.

image copyright by The Tony Robbin Podcast





Best Podcasts for Busy Working Moms


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