Workweek Outfit Inspo for Real Women

Outfit of the Day

No idea what to wear this week? Whether you’re heading to the board room or the beach (hey, we can dream, right?!), shop your closet with these tips in mind.

Brighten Up with a Pop of Color

You can easily take an outfit from boring to bright by adding a pop of color. That pop can be from bright statement jewelry or a bold lip.

Add a Blazer

It’s the three-piece rule in action: everything looks better with a blazer.  Instantly dress up jeans and a t-shirt or throw one on over a dress.  You’ll instantly feel more dressed up.


Play with Patterns!

Yes, you CAN mix patterns. No, you WON’T look like a fool. Just keep the patterns in a similar color family (i.e. black and white stripes + black and white polka dots.) You can also anchor the look with a solid cardigan or blazer. And remember: leopard print is a neutral!


Let a Scarf Do the Heavy Lifting

Just like a good blazer, a patterned scarf can do some heavy lifting on elevating your outfit to the next level. Drape or tie around your neck and marvel at your ability to look chic and sophisticated.



When all Else Fails, Wear Black

Look, there are simply days where there is just too much damn stuff going on and the last thing you want to do is spend time deciding what to wear. On those days, stick to the basics and wear all black or black and white. You can still look chic and sophisticated while you solve everyone else’s problems.


And if even after reading this you decide you hate everything in your closet, try renting some new pieces from one of these services designed to make your life easier!


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