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Every summer, MTV hands out moon people (formerly known as moonmen) for music video excellence during their notoriously headline-making Video Music Awards (VMAs). Growing up in an age when we actually watched music videos on TV and ran off the bus to watch Carson Daly on TRL, the VMAs were the first awards that I felt truly passionate about the nominees and winners. Now, I just look forward to the daring red carpet looks and celebrity drama, but it makes me feel so damn old. And all I want is to go back to the days when this show was as amazing as Britney ca. 2001.

Overall, last night’s VMAs were sloppy and overly political, but what else did we expect? There were some stand-out moments, though. And because we get the need to stay in-the-know and relate to your kids, here’s a recap of some of the highlights.

P!nk was honored with the Video Vanguard Award and gave us serious #momgoals.

We’ve been longtime fans of P!nk and her badass version of pop, and we sang along and mom-danced to her performance. And our favorite moment of the night was her acceptance speech for the Video Vanguard Award. We were brought to tears as P!nk re-told a story of how her 6 year-old daughter told her that she was “the ugliest girl I know” because she thought that she looked like a boy. Not sure how to reply, P!nk created a PowerPoint of photos of androgynous rock stars to inspire her to embrace who she is to help other people “see more kinds of beauty.”
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Kendrick Lamar set the stage on fire.

Literally. During his performance of DNA and Humble – which took home SIX moon people – Kendrick Lamar rapped as performers climbed a structure covered in flames, and at one point, a ninja dances around the stage completely engulfed in fire. It was easily the best performance of the night.
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Katy Perry loves a good theme.

I am starting to feel bad for Katy. She announced her new album, Witness, earlier this summer, and fans and critics have given every single from the album a thumbs down. The VMAs were likely her team’s big plan to revive interest in her album before it launches next month. But not only did T-Swift dominate the media coverage leading up to the VMAs, Katy flopped as host. That could have been overlooked. I mean, when was the last good VMA host? But her highly anticipated performance of Swish Swish was forgettable and too literal – again. Even Nicki Minaj couldn’t help save her from basketball-themed disaster.
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Taylor Swift stole the show (and she didn’t even attend).

Last week, Taylor Swift announced her new album, Reputation, and launched the first single, Look What You Made Me Do, an unapologetic introduction to a new, bolder T-Swift. And during last night’s VMAs, she launched the music video for LWYMMD. Damn, Tay! There is so much to digest, including her singing about a gun as she sits in a bathtub filled with diamonds (looking at you, Kim K) and a one dollar bill. There are references to almost every high-profile narrative that she has been a part of the last three years, but her feud with Katy Perry seems to be missing from the video. And because she’s so detailed in her execution, Taylor didn’t attend last night’s awards (despite being nominated for – and winning – a moon person). No, new Taylor doesn’t give away headlines, so there wouldn’t be an opportunity for cameras to capture her reaction to Katy’s dismal night.

Logic will soon be a household name.

In one of the most talked about moments of the night, Kesha gave a gut-wrenching speech about suicide prevention before introducing a performance by Logic. He performed his single 1-800-273-8255 (the number to the suicide prevention hotline) with a group of 50 people who have survived suicide attempts or lost a loved one to suicide. He ended his performance with a speech about suicide prevention, echoing Kesha’s message that “you are not alone.”
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Lorde proved she’s my spirit animal.

What’s a girl to do when she has the flu and cannot sing on stage at the VMAs? Put a tutu on over her sweatpants, turn on her boombox and dance. Duh. It was pretty amazing and is exactlywhat I think I look like when I do the same thing after two glasses of wine.
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Adam Levine does not approve of the VMAs.

Adam Levine’s tweets about last night’s awards pretty much sum it up. Better luck next year, MTV.


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