Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy Your BFF (or Yourself)

Let's Spend Some Money

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love to those around you. Yes, you should probably buy an overpriced card for your significant other. But let’s face it: the real heroes are our fellow mom BFFs. You know the ones I’m talking about: the person you text when you just CAN’T with your child anymore; the first person you want to talk to when the latest celebrity couple breaks up; the one who will bring you chicken noodle soup when the flu is ravaging your household. These are the true heroes of Valentine’s Day and deserve to be acknowledged. Here are our top picks for the Galentine in your life. Pick up one for her, and one for you.

A Daily Memory Book

I love the simplicity behind this: simply write one thing per day that you are grateful for or want to remember. It doesn’t need to be a novel, and in fact, you only get about 3 lines per day. At the end, you have an amazing recollection of all of the big and small things that make up life’s moments. Plus, it’s a super cute cover and a compact size that you can carry with you.

A Deck of Affirmations for When Life Gets Tough

Mom life is a hard life. Sometimes you need help injecting a little positivity. This card-size deck has 50 self-affirmations coupled with cute illustrations and a little bit of wry wit. You can also pick up theme-specific ones for work, or love/relationships.

An Electronic Wine Bottle Opener

Because when all else fails, it’s wine to the rescue. And when you NEED a glass of wine, the last thing you want to do is mess around with some fancy pants corkscrew opener. This handy gadget will pop your cork at the literal touch of a button. Simply press one way to quickly remove the cork from the bottle, then flip the switch and press again to remove the cork from the opener. Bonus points for the blue lava-lamp inspired base.

A Fabulous Pair of Fringe Earrings

These Bauble Bar-inspired fringe earrings come in dozens of different colors, are under $8 and add instant sophistication to any outfit.


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