Trendsend Review: Summer Style

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I’m always game for any service that makes shopping in the midst of busy mom life easier. Evereve Trendsend is a box subscription service where a stylist from their storefront sends full outfits based on your style profile for you to try on in the comfort of your home. It’s basically a mom’s dream! If you’re not already familiar with how Trendsend works, click here to learn more about the program.


I recently requested Trendsend’s Here Comes the Fun Summer Must-Haves Box. Theme boxes I’ve found to be a fun way to try new trends and get a few pulled together, interchangeable outfits from my Evereve Trendsend stylist. So here’s what I got in my theme box.



Z Supply Reverie Stripe Dress; WTW Arizona White Slide Sandals


Note from My Stylist: A great summer dress. The Sundry is so soft and cozy. Heidi (Evereve founder) was wearing it in her live video this week.

Verdict: Return. I actually absolutely loved this striped dress and it’s beachy, cozy comfort. The flowy silhouette felt very summery and beachy. The price tag was under $70 which made it budget friendly for summer. I am trying to be very intentional about how I spend money right now and I have a striped dress in these colors already, so that’s the only reason I sent this dress back. I still kind of regret that return.


Z Supply Sia Animal Tank; Good American Cut-Off Short; WTW Arizona White Slide Sandals 


Note from My Stylist: Good American has been such a great jean for us. I have paired them with a fun, affordable animal tank.

Verdict: Split Decision. I absolutely loved the way the Good American brand jean shorts fit. They are super soft, somehow that perfect length between short enough to be flattering and long enough to provide my 40-something self some coverage. The only drawback was their $130 price tag, so back they go. The Z Supply Sia Animal Tank, however, happened to be under $40 and fit like a glove. I can easily pair it with denim shorts for summer or with my wide leg cropped jeans for date night or layer under a blazer for work.



Chaser Lips Tank; Sundry Tie Dye Saturday Skirt; WTW Arizona White Slide Sandals 


Note from My Stylist: This is a great skirt and a comfortable favorite of many of our customers. Pair it with this fun tank for summer.

Verdict: Split Decision. I have this Sundry Skirt in camouflage print as well and it’s one of my favorites. I am typically not a skirt person because they always feel a bit constricting and hard to move in. The cozy sweatshirt material of these skirts is the complete opposite. I regularly wear these skirts on weekends, layer over swimsuits for trips to the pool and more. The Chaser Lips Tank is super fun, but at the end of the day, it just didn’t feel like me. I wish I was that cool. Haha!



Every time I get a Trendsend box, I always have a little bit of non-buyers remorse. The stylist notes are always so personalized and the outfits always feel so well styled and pulled together, I wish I could keep everything. Time and attention to details is a hallmark of Evereve and their Trendsend box subscription service. I’m trying hard to stick to my budget though, and I only kept the pieces I loved.





DISCLOSURE: The Evereve Trendsend link in this post contains a referral code, where I will receive 20% off my next order if someone signs up for a new account using my link. However, all clothing was purchased with my own money and direct links to products contain no affiliate links.


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