The Power of a Compliment

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A compliment can make your day. Whether it’s praise from your boss or a coworker, someone commenting on your well-behaved kids or the rare, unsolicited compliment from your husband, sincere words of flattery just make you happy.


As I was running into church this past Sunday, I heard this little voice, “Ma’am, excuse me. Ma’am?” I turned around and looked down at this sweet, little girl who must have been about six years old. Thinking that maybe she needed help, I bent down and she said, “You are really pretty.” That’s it. That’s all she wanted to tell me. You would have thought she handed me a winning lottery ticket by the smile on my face.


And it wasn’t the compliment itself that made me smile (although, I did feel better about taking Drew Barrymore’s advice and putting on lipstick). Instead, it was the sincerity behind this tiny stranger’s four words made my day


In celebration of World Compliment Day, stop someone in their tracks today and make their day.


All it takes is one kind word.


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