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Okay, we can all agree that swimsuit shopping is THE WORST, right?! Here’s our idea on how to fix it.  And speaking of swimsuit shopping, we sent six different moms shopping to report back on the most flattering swimsuits for every body type. Now, everyone in the pool!

Target does it again! First the “Strong Like Mom” tshirts, and now these.

Speaking of Target, we were doing good on curbing our spending for the month, and then the #VBX line came out. See what each of the Mamanistas spent their money on in April.

Blue lashes: spring’s hottest runway trend. But can a thirty-something mom living in the ‘burbs can pull off? Liz finds out.

Fine Wine and Tater Tots has pulled together her favorite finds from one of our favorite stores. Check out the full list here.  She also has some great tips if you’re looking to invest in some timeless wardrobe pieces.

Everything that happens to your skin when you sleep in you makeup. Another reason to consider adding micellar water to your routine.



The Mamanista Minute for March

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