Target Diaries – November

Let's Spend Some Money

This fall's must haves at Target

I know we’re just meeting here but you will soon find out that this Mamanista loves Target. Like REALLY loves it! Just the sight of that red and white bullseye brings happiness to my heart! I dream about all of the clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses and home décor that I suddenly must have in my life… oh yeah and groceries too… I think about those too of course because that’s why I went to Super Target in the first place! (Wink! Wink!)

Of course most of these glorious items I never knew existed before entering those red sliding doors but that’s beside the point. I “NEED” them all now.  So in this edition of Target Diaries, I’ll recap my latest finds… you know, the ones that you “need” to have now too. ☺

  • Harvest Candle in Plaid – Pumpkin – $11.04 – These candles are everything great about fall all rolled up into one tiny wax gift! The plaid is on trend while the pumpkin and nutmeg scent fills your house the scent of fresh baked pumpkin bread!  harvest-candle-in-plaid-target
  • Sweater Knit Throw Blanket – $24.99 – This great throw just screams fall… warm and snuggly sweater knit and anything described as “cinnamon cake” has to be good!   threshold_sweater_knit_throw_2_jpg
  • Dark Wood and Metal Bar Cart – $101.99 – Okay, so I admit this is a bit on the pricey side. Maybe I’m thinking about all of the holiday entertaining in the months ahead but this seems like such a practical piece. I mean… it has wheels to roll your snacks and cocktails right to you! You can’t beat that!  dark_metal_and_wood_bar_cart_-_target_jpg
  • Sip It Like Its Hot Mug – $4.99 – This just makes me laugh.  Just add coffee and it’s the perfect way to start chilly mornings this fall.   Sip It Like Its Hot Mug from


  • Plaid Pumps – $24.99 – Plaid is all the rage this fall.  These pumps are a great way to mix up the whole plaid shirt trend and they also happen to be a really great staple to add to your work wardrobe for both the fall and the winter.  plaid-pumps-target

What pieces are your favorite? What will you be picking up at Target this month?


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