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We’ve Been Nominated!

Mom Life

Recently (actually, longer ago than we’d like to admit…), The Modern Mamanista was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. Embed from Getty Images This may or not actually be the blogger’s version of a chain letter, but since we never properly completed the chain letters we received as kids, we’ll bite. We are honored to accept this peer-to-peer accolade, and we’d like to thank Francesca at Fine Wine & Tater Tots for her thoughtful nomination. Since starting The Modern Mamanista,…

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#OOTD: Francesca from Fine Wine and Tater Tots

Outfit of the Day
OOTD Francesca from Fine Wine and Tater Tots

I have been a lover of Bagel Bites since I was kid, and the only thing that has changed as I grew into adulthood was how I paired them wine wine instead of milk. Seriously, if you had a bad day at work, the kids are acting a fool and you’re too tired to make dinner, throw in some Bagel Bites and see what happens. So I was thrilled when I met Francesca from Fine Wine and Tater Tots and…

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