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#OOTD: Kie from Gray Skye

Outfit of the Day

Recently, while out to dinner, my toddler was over it and acting a fool. Unable and unwilling to keep her seated any longer, I let her run wild while I waited for the check. Yes, I know I was *that* mom, and I am not apologizing about it either. Because it was due to my crazy toddler – and lowered inhibitions from two glasses of Prosecco – that I was able to strike up a conversation with Kie about her refreshing,…

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The Power of a Compliment

Mom Life

A compliment can make your day. Whether it’s praise from your boss or a coworker, someone commenting on your well-behaved kids or the rare, unsolicited compliment from your husband, sincere words of flattery just make you happy.   As I was running into church this past Sunday, I heard this little voice, “Ma’am, excuse me. Ma’am?” I turned around and looked down at this sweet, little girl who must have been about six years old. Thinking that maybe she needed help,…

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40 Things I’ve Learned in 40 Years


  This week I celebrate my 40th birthday … I’m not sure how or when I suddenly reached the age of my parents but somehow it happened. When I was little people used to ask me if I felt any different or any older on my birthday.  I always answered “no” and even as I get older my birthday comes and goes each year and I don’t really feel any different.  As I enter my 40s though, I realize that…

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