Stitch Fix Review: Pre-Fall

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I took a hiatus from Stitch Fix for the summer in an attempt to keep my budget in check. But like all good things, it kept calling my name so I thought that awkward season between summer and fall was the perfect excuse to request another fix!

That familiar combination of giddy nervousness came flooding back when I pulled into my driveway and saw my Stitch Fix box by the front door. Like a little girl on Christmas morning, I carried my box inside and starting tearing through it to see what surprises it held. Check out what my stylist sent below.



I saw this dress on the Stitch Fix blog and immediately added it to my Pinterest board for my stylist.  It has a fun vibe to it that is reminiscent of summer but the colors still pair well with fall-inspired denim jackets and maybe even my black blazer or leather jacket.

Verdict: Keep.



This floral shirt dress was an absolute winner! The only problem is that I already own it! I bought it off a Stitch Fix trade board last fall and it’s a go to favorite of mine for fall paired with mules or taupe booties. Unfortunately, this one needed to be sent back but if you have a chance, add this gem to your pin board for you Stitch Fix stylist.

Verdict: Return.



When I first saw this dress I was admittedly underwhelmed. Boy did it prove me wrong! This dress proves the try it before you make a decision formula. The dress fits like an absolute glove and the subtle pattern makes it really versatile for date night or to pair with a blazer or cardigan for the office. I don’t know if I’m 100% sold on the purple color but I’m definitely going to ask for this in another box in the future. Unfortunately, needing to return the floral shirt dress would make this full price at $78 so which was just not in the budget this month so back it goes.

Verdict: Return.



The pattern on this sleeveless blouse was spot on for my style. The halter cut is also typically a very flattering cut on me with my athletic shoulders which means my stylist really took the time to review my profile. The only problem is my budget again. Since I wasn’t getting the 25% discount this time, I had to make choices and this one seemed a bit too summery going into fall so back it goes to save some of my budget.

Verdict: Return.


I was excited to see this Stitch Fix unicorn in my box this month but conflictedly a little disappointed it was in a very summery colored hot pink. I tried it on and admittedly loved it but again a bit of budget conscience hit and I couldn’t justify spending almost $50 on a shirt I wouldn’t be able to wear into fall. I’m hoping my stylist sends me this again in a different color though.

Verdict: Return.



Overall, I felt like my fix skewed a bit more summer than I was hoping for. I probably would have kept it all though if I didn’t already have the floral shirt dress because I honestly did really like everything my stylist sent. As usual, I’m already looking forward to my next fix for fall next month!




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    November 13, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    I love the 41Hawthorne dress! It’s super cute.

    • Reply
      Sarah | The Modern Mamanista
      November 13, 2017 at 7:25 pm

      I do too! I wear it probably way more than i should I love it so much! It’s great on its own or layered with a cardigan!

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