Stitch Fix Review: Weekend Getaway Edition

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I’ve been a Stitch Fix customer for almost four years now. After I had my first child, going to the mall proved challenging but not impossible. The next two kids, while cute, proved what a pipe dream leisurely pursuing the mall for that perfect outfit really is. So in theory, Stitch Fix sounds like a working moms dream – fill out a short style profile and a professional stylist will send you five pieces specifically suited for your taste and budget for a small styling fee of $20. You have three days to try everything on, and keep whatever you like. Your card will automatically get charged and your $20 styling fee will get credited towards your purchase. Keep all five items and get a 25% discount off your entire purchase.

Sounds like fashion nirvana, right? In reality, Stitch Fix has proved to be a bit hit or miss for me within the last year and a half. My first few fixes I kept the entire box, including building up quite a collection of the amazing Margaret M pants, but then things got a little dicey with a series of failed fixed. However, I still had a little bit of a fashion high from my most recent Fix, where I kept an amazing pair of poppy colored sandals and the cutest floral tank that’s proven to be quite the wardrobe staple. My husband and I are planning on celebrating our ten-year anniversary going to Kentucky to experience the Bourbon Trail, and I had no idea what to wear. It involves a lot of walking and drinking and the weather report’s outlook wasn’t the best. So I called in reinforcements and asked my Stitch Fix stylist for some help. My note to my stylist went like this:

“I’m going on a 10 year anniversary trip on the Bourbon Trail with my husband. I’d love some cute and comfy clothes for our trip, and one complete cute outfit for a night out. We’ll be visiting distilleries, breweries and going to a nice dinner. I’m pretty picky on shoes, so I dont think you need to send those. Weather in KY is going to be mid-sixties with some rain, so thinking versatile layers. Thank you!”

I was envisioning cute tees and jeans with a fun jacket. Here’s what they sent:

Fossil Fiona Crossbody, $78

I will give it to them, this is a cute bag and a great choice for my trip. However, $78 is a bit too expensive for what it is, and I just bought a similar bag from LeTote but in an adorable bright yellow. The LeTote bag is a leather one from Joe’s Jeans and was $50; this one is more of a nylon and is $30 more.

Verdict: Sent back

Garima Asymmetric Cold Shoulder Top, $48

Right out of the box, this top hits two of my favorite things: it’s a solid color and it has an interesting, unexpected detail. While I’m so over the cold shoulder trend, this one has a bit of twist to it with only one notch. Unfortuantely, the material was that dreaded ribbed knit that clings to every curve, and I prefer a looser fit on top. I looked like Sandra Dee at the end of Grease with it on.

Verdict: We DON’T go together, so this top is getting stranded at the drive in (and you get TWO Grease references in one sentence!)

CARMEN CARMEN MARC VALVO Trisha Sweater Knit Skirt, $54

Over my four year relationship with Stitch Fix, they have tried to send me some version of this skirt at least five or six different times. (It’s like Ipsy and their damn black eye liner!) I have never ONCE kept it, and it’s because this silhouette makes me look like a droopy, postpartum version of Jessica Rabbit. This one was no different. Plus, the sweater material clung to each and every lump, bump and whatever else happens to your stomach area after three kids.

Verdict: Returned, but at least it’s not those damn Lila Ryan jeans

DANIEL RAINN Lisandra Crochet Trim Top, $64

It’s cute. It’s black, it’s versatile, the crochet top adds a bit of interest but it’s also $64 and way too big in the arm holes, much like the navy blue one they just sent me and I gave similar feedback on. All of this makes me wonder if there really IS a stylist on the other end reading these notes, because if there is….Bueller? Bueller?

Verdict: Debated for a bit, but ultimately returned

PISTOLA Topanga Cargo Zipper Detail Skinny Pant, $88

Pulling these out of the box, I LOVED them. I was already envisioning myself wearing them with a striped t-shirt and jean jacket, holding a glass of bourbon in my hand, tossing my hair back and laughing while my husband adoringly gazes at me. I could even swallow the $88 price tag, since blush is the color of the season and who doesn’t want a pair of comfy pants that they also feel great in? Unfortunately, when they call these a “skinny pant” they really mean it – these barely made it over  my calves.

Verdict: Back they go, and off to the gym I go

The Final Verdict on This Stitch Fix

Well, this one was a total bust. I kept NOTHING, and ended up being charged the $20 styling fee. Wahhhhhhh.



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