Stitch Fix Review: Not Too Shabby

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Mia Ozella Laser Cut Sandal

My last few Stitch Fixes have been, how do you say, no bueno. My last one in September was so horrendous that I took a brief hiatus from the service, even though they offered to re-style me for free. After having several “I hate all my clothes!” days in a row, I decided what the hell, let’s give Stitch Fix another try. With the $20 styling fee waived, I literally had nothing to lose. In my note to my stylist, I asked for some floral and embroidered items to spruce me up for spring. So how did they do?

Mia Ozella Laser Cut Sandal

Mia Ozella Laser Cut Sandal

I LOVE the color of these sandals – not sure what you would call it, but let’s go with poppy. I loved the poppy color of these sandals. Plus, in addition to the laser cut detail, they had a subtle tassel trim that just made me happy. The quality felt durable and they had a padded sole that was like walking on a memory foam pillow, so this was a total yes please for me. So far, not too shabby Stitch Fix.

Verdict: Keep!

Daniel Rainn Ranella Crochet Front Keyhole Knit Top

In theory, this top checks all my boxes: navy, interesting detail, decent price. It seemed like a nice basic that could be dressed up for work or with jeans on the weeke

nd (especially with those new poppy sandals!) But in reality, it was a big old no. The majority of the fabric was a t-shirt type material that seemed like a bitch to iron, and ironing is my kryptonite. Plus, there were fit issues: the armholes were literally hanging off of me and exposing a good portion of my bra.

Verdict: Good in theory, but no thank you

Skies are Blue Theresa Embroidered Dress

I literally squealed when I pulled this dress out. I loved absolutely everything about it. I immediately imagined wearing it on our upcoming beach vacation with those poppy sandals (I really like those sandal, gals!), my skin golden from the sun and my hair in perfectly blown into nonchalant beachy waves from a relaxing day at the beach with my kids. But, we all know that dreams do not always equal reality, and this was not to be. The dress was way too short for my Amazonian height, and just a little too snug in the mid section thanks to three children.

Verdict: Returned with a broken heart, but not after trying it on multiple time

Loveappella Saluga V Neck Knit Top

This top doesn’t look like much, but it was really cute on. I would style it in the summer with white jeans, and pop on my trusty navy blazer from Costco over it for work.

Verdict: Surprised that I k

ept it, and really like it!

Lily Ryan Liza Skinny Jean

Listen up Stitch Fix: I DO NOT LIKE THIS BRAND, IT DOES NOT FIT ME. These damn jeans keep popping up in my fix, and I keep sending them back.

Verdict: Hear my cry: I DO NOT WANT

The Final Verdict on My Stitch Fix

I ended up keeping two items, the floral Loveappella top and the poppy sandals. The price for both of the items came to $94, and with my $20 styling credit and taxes, I was charged $79.64 for the shirt and shoes. Not too shabby, Stitch Fix – way to redeem yourself!



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