Stitch Fix Review: The Time I Kept Everything


I love the idea of Stitch Fix: someone sending me clothes and allowing me to try them on in the comfort of my own home?! #yesplease  But they have been admittedly hit or miss in the past. Either nothing works and it all goes back while I bemoan how I have nothing to wear, or, I keep all five items even though I vowed to spend less on clothes this month. Based on the title of this post, you can probably tell which type of fix this is. But let’s all be grateful for their keep all five, save 25% discount, as we dig into this month’s Stitch Fix review.

In my note to my stylist, I was pretty general, asking for some fun spring to summer pieces that I could wear to the office, including some new dresses. It starts getting hot in Georgia in like February, yet the office thermostat remains at sub-arctic, so I like to layer up year-round. This Fix did a great job of providing mix and match pieces.

Alice Blue Maricella Crochet Fringe Trim Sleeveless Sweater

I may have squealed a bit when I pulled this top out of the box. It is just so cute, and the photo doesn’t do it justice. I will admit to a fleeting fear that I may be wearing a super-fashionable bath mat, but paired with the right things, it’s more age-appropriate Coachella. I’m planning on brightening up my new favorite pair of Margaret M’s with this top and a cobalt blue blazer, or pairing with dark jeans and some killer jewelry for the elusive night out. Since it’s an off-white/cream, I probably won’t be wearing it on the weekends around my children and their sticky fingers.


Margaret M Sylvie Printed Straight Leg Pants

One of my specific requests in this Fix was a new pair of Margaret M pants. I was introduced to the brand in my very first Fix almost four years ago, and the love affair continues. Over the past few years, I’ve amassed quite a collection and now have about 8 different pairs that are in constant rotation. Even my original cobalt blue pair has held up well. I was thrilled to see another pair in this Fix, but not so thrilled that they are almost identical to a pair I received and kept about three Fixes ago. Thankfully, Stitch Fix has great customer service. I emailed them and said I want to keep all five items but I couldn’t justify another pair of pants that were so close to ones I already had. Within 24 hours, I had a response back saying they would send me a different colored pair.

Gilli Viola Jersey Dress


This dress is honestly my least favorite, but that’s like saying it’s the least pretty Victoria’s Secret model in the group. I love the Gilli brand and have kept another dress from them. I love the pattern, although there was a heated debate with my husband over whether it was navy blue or black. (It’s black!) However, the cinch on the faux wrap hits me at what I feel is an awkward spot, making my girls look even more droopy and matronly then normal (three kids, ya’all!). My plan is to layer it with a brightly colored scarf or blazer to hopefully draw the eye elsewhere.

Current Air Celest Embroidery Detail Top

I am seeing the embroidery trend everywhere and this top is a great way for me to rock it in a way that felt authentic to my style. The only negative is that this shirt will require ironing, which I loathe and try to do as little as humanly possible. Let’s see if a wet wash cloth in the dryer for 10 minutes does the trick, otherwise, I may not be wearing it as much as planned.

THML Nanette Textured Knit Dress

This dress looks great on me. How often do you get to say that?! But it hits at the perfect length, shows off what I want to show off and covers up everything else. Plus, the material is super forgiving and hides what you need it to hide. I paired this with a trusty blue-and-white striped blazer.

The Verdict

Well, as you can tell from the title, this was a knock-it-out-of-the-park Fix for me! My total came to a pretty reasonable $250 for all five items, which doesn’t seem to bad for 2 dresses, 1 pair of amazing pants and 2 versatile tops.


Stitch Fix Review


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