Stitch Fix Review: Don’t Make Me Look Like a Mom


It’s been a while since my last Stitch Fix, and I have the style profile of a somewhat conservative, quintessential basic bitch. And I make no apologies about that.

However, I am feeling less consumed by my role as a mom these days, and I am so ready to embrace my old self again. So, I challenged my Stitch Fix stylist to bring on some trendy pieces. I also let her know that we have family photos planned soon in case she saw anything photoshoot-appropriate.


So how did my Stitch Fix stylist do?


Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny Jeans, $78

These fit perfectly and were a great cut, but I still have a hard time with pants that don’t have a zipper and button. And the waist band was just thick enough and high enough that I felt I was back in maternity pants. AND I had literally just bought almost the exact same jeans for $35. Return.


Daniel Rainn Afellay Henley Blouse, $68

Hated it. No, but really … it’s pretty drab for spring and definitely not worth the $68 price tag. Return.


Fun2Fun Altoona Crew Neck Top, $48

I actually really liked the pattern and fit of this top, but the sleeves hit right at my elbow. And I have a couple of similar tops that fit better in the arms. Return.


THML Chana Embroidered Dress, $68

Okay, girlfriend nailed it with this dress, and I can see myself wearing this to brunch, to work and possibly as an option for our photos. Keep!


Franco Sarto Shimmy Pointed Toe Flat, $79

One of the requirements for being basic is a love of nude- and beige-colored everything, so I have more than one pair of nude pointed-toe flats. And I didn’t spend $79 on any of them. Return.

The Verdict

While my stylist definitely captured my style, she didn’t exactly help me push my fashion boundaries like I had hoped. Instead, she basically sent me a more expensive version of my wardrobe. The key to a successful Fix is thorough feedback, so I’ll be sure to share my thoughts with my stylist and be a little more specific about trends that I’m looking to test. We’ll see what I get next month…

Stitch Fix Review Make Me Look Like a Cool Mom


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