Stitch Fix Men Review: Dapper Dad


We all know that Stitch Fix is a huge time saver for busy moms and has definitely been the answer to more than a few “I have nothing to wear and no time to shop” moments for this mama! What you may not know is that Stitch Fix recently launched Stitch Fix Men and it’s everything we hoped it would be for our Dapper Dads.


This “manned up” version of Stitch Fix offers all of the things we love about Stitch Fix: outfit suggestions, try on at home convenience, and personal styling but with a few features geared specifically for the man in your life. The descriptions of clothing and the style cards and letters that come with the box are definitely in “man speak” and the packaging plays on traditional Stitch Fix turquoise with a very manly dark green. If you don’t know about this yet for your favorite guy, check it out here.


So what happened when I requested a Stitch Fix Men box for my boyfriend for our upcoming family cruise for Spring Break? Check out what the stylist sent below.



When I saw this shirt pulled out of the box, I had my fingers crossed my boyfriend would love it! I mean it’s chambray and it has a lobster embroidered on the pocket! I’m not sure why it’s called “flamingo one pocket” when it clearly has a lobster on it but so be it. This shirt has a great slim fit cut but the fabric is still breezy for warmer weather and looked great paired with the Mavi short featured later on or his Stitch Fix Hawker Rye khaki pants and shorts. Plus he commented multiple times on how comfortable the shirt was and how much he liked it! This is a definitely win for the cruise and a keep for future summer evenings too!

Verdict: Keep.


When Joe pulled this out of the box I knew instantly it was going back! It’s super soft but it looks like a flashback to 1993. The first thing he said when he saw it was “I think I owned this shirt about 14 years ago!” This is a no, I don’t even have to try it on. I have to agree. In theory the colors are good for vacation and the fabric is soft. I think the fit would have been good too but a different color or pattern would have maybe been a better fit.

Verdict: Return.


Joe has the chino pants from Hawker Rye in multiple colors and they are a definite win! They’re comfortable and fit great – what more can you ask for in business casual pants for a man! They’re basically the miracle Margaret M Slimming Pants for men! That said, we were both excited that they now make shorts too! When he tried them on though, we were less than thrilled. These are cut a bit shorter than the rest of his shorts and that seemed to affect the way they fit everywhere else. Maybe it’s the length, maybe it’s the shorts but these are a no this time. We’ll provide feedback though and see if they can send a longer version next box.

Verdict: Return.


Mavi pants for women are one of the much coveted Stitch Fix unicorns. I loved these men’s Mavis as soon as I saw them and guessed that Joe would too. As I launched into my soliloquy about how the women’s version of Mavi were legendary, he looked skeptical. As soon as he put these on though he was hooked. They are super soft and have just enough spandex to be comfortable. Another win – he now wants these in every color they make!

Verdict: Keep.


I knew as soon as I saw these, they would be a no. My 14 year old on the other hand would have jumped at these and maybe that’s the problem for a 40-something man! My guy is a flip flops or Nikes kind of guy on the weekend and these are neither of those so back they go. From my perspective, the fabric on these seemed soft and the inside seemed to have great cushioning. If your guy is more of a boat shoes kind of guy then they might be a good fit.

Verdict: Return.



Overall, I think Stitch Fix has found a way to modify it’s service for men in a way that makes sense for them. Men definitely shop differently from women. It’s all about need and comfort for them and if either of those two aren’t met by an item, back it goes. While I weigh the ins and outs of keeping 2 or 3 items versus the whole box for the discount or pushing my style boundaries a bit, men definitely think more practically. The price points on the men’s boxes are good and I think the items they selected for this Dapper Dad fit the bill for our family vacation. We’ll definitely do another box soon for summer!


Stitch Fix Men Review



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