Stitch Fix: All Black & White Edition

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I feel like every day I’m faced with making thousands of different decisions at home and at work. Some are small (What should we eat for dinner tonight?) and some are large (Is this the best way for our company to spend this money?). Most days I feel like the majority of my brain power is used up making thousands of small decisions, and I find myself staring at my closet for more time then I’m willing to admit trying to decide what I’m going to wear. In an effort to take one more decision off my plate, I tried a little fashion experiment: I was going to wear just black, white and grey for an entire week to see if it took off some decision-making stress. So I asked my Stitch Fix stylist to help me out by only sending black, white and grey pieces.


Pixley Beatrix Scallop Hem Skirt

Pixley Beatrix Scallop Hem Skirt

I literally squealed when I opened my box and saw this little number. Snakeskin! Unexpected details! Luxe feeling fabric! I could already envision myself conquering the world in this sweet little number, mixing it with a cranberry top and black pumps. I had nothing like this in my closet. Unfortunately, once I tried it on, I remembered why I didn’t have anything like this in my closet. The waist band perfectly highlighted my mom pooch, making me look like I was in the beginning of my second trimester. Not the exact look I was going for.

Verdict: Reluctantly sent back and still a little upset about it

Le Lis Jabaar Striped Open Drape Cardigan

Stitch Fix Le Lis Jabaar Striped Open Drape Cardigan

Every few boxes, my Stitch Fix stylist sends me something that I find downright offensive. Previously, it was a  pair of white sneakers that looked like a cast-off from Nurse Ratchett’s closet.  This fix, it was this cardigan. Yes, it looks perfectly acceptable in the photo, but in real life, it’s downright ugly. I forced myself to try it on, thinking that maybe it drapes beautifully and I would chuckle to myself about how wrong I was. I was not. It’s an ugly material, an ugly fabric and an ugly drape for the ugly price of FIFTY FOUR dollars.

Verdict: Like you really have to ask….

Emory Park Kant Tie Neck Top

Emory Park Kant Tie Neck Top

This sweet and feminine little number was not something that I would normally pick our for myself. But I tried it on and loved the fit, and you can’t beat the price. It’s work appropriate paired with my favorite black pants or I could see it with some dark denim on the weekend. It’s got a sweet little polka dotted print that’s hard to see in the product photo, but that I promise you is there.

Verdict: kept, and immediately wore the next day


Sweet Grey Audria Lace Front Woven Bishop Sleeve Knit Top

Sweet Grey Audria Lace Front Woven Bishop Sleeve Knit Top

This was another item that gave me a physical reaction, and it was definitely more of a grimace then a squeal. I have no idea why this top was picked for me – it wasn’t even white like I requested, but more of a cream. And it just wasn’t cute. The cuffs had an elastic sleeve that drove me crazy and the sleeves were puffy enough for an episode of Seinfeld.

Verdict: No thanks


41Hawthorn Jessika Eyelet Panel Shirt

41Hawthorn Jessika Eyelet Panel Shirt

Hey, it’s a white shirt! And a cute, decently priced one. The fit was good, and I liked the unexpected detail of the white-on-white eyelet pattern in the front. Unfortunately, my head is already in pumpkin-spice latte mode and this felt too summery to keep.

Verdict: would’ve kept if sent earlier in the season

The Final Word on My Black and White Stitch Fix

I asked my Stitch Fix stylist for all black, white and grey pieces. I loved two of the five items (and totally hated one) but due to fit issues, only kept one item. I’m growing a little more disenchanted with Stitch Fix and continue to look at other services like Le Tote for my fashion needs.


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