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While lately my last few Stitch Fixes have been disappointing, the idea of clothing that someone else picked out showing up on my doorstep is still pretty damn awesome. KidBox was created with that same intention, only this time they’re shipping clothes to your kiddo. Try it on at home, keep what you like, exchange any items that don’t fit or return. Can’t get any easier, right?

A new KidBox is available every quarter as the seasons change, and they offer boxes for both boys and girls from infant to 14 years old.

About the Fall 2017 KidBox

KidBox does a great job at including special surprised for the kids. My first box included stickers and crayons, as well as a softball-sized bundle of tissue paper. As it got unwrapped, little toys came out. It was a huge hit, and now seeing the colorful, alphabet-patterned box on our doorstep invokes an almost Pavlov-ian dog response in my kids as they know there’s something fun inside it for them.

The Fall 2017 KidBiox’s surprises were a huge hit with both me and them. The previously mentioned alphabet stickers and crayons were again in the box, but this time enclosed in a cute clear pencil pouch. But the real hit was the kitty ear headbands seen below. You’ll notice that there’s only one in the picture below – that’s because little sister ran off the silver one, leaving me with only the rose gold to photograph. KidBox also includes “The Scribble”, which seems like a guide to the clothing picks, but honestly, I haven’t read it. There could be a million dollar check inside for all I know.


The Fall 2017 KidBox also includes various goodies for the kids.


Inside the Fall 2017 KidBox

KidBox will send you 5-7 pieces of clothing, and you have the opportunity to return or exchange items, or keep the whole box for $98. Their pricing structure is similar to Stitch Fix – it will usually cost you more if you don’t keep all of the items. For example, on my first KidBox, I only wanted to keep four of the items, but the total of those four items were $116. So it was actually less for me to keep everything and only pay $98. Lesson: expect to pay $98 and keep everything. My Fall 2017 Kidbox included 7 items, but it would actually be 8 as one of the items was a two piece set with a tunic and patterned leggings.

Our Favorite Items from the Fall 2017 Kidbox

There were some really cute brand-name items, and then some that weren’t so cute.  At least three of the items were things I wished came in my size!

Seven for All Mankind Pullover Sweater

Okay, why can’t I find this in MY size?! This sweater was so stinking cute, from the olive green color to the lace-up details on the bottom. Plus, it’s a brand name (and one that I don’t even own!) Unfortunately, it ran a tad bit too small on my daughter.


Seven for All Mankind Sweatshirt Dress

Another one in the “why doesn’t this come in my size?!” bucket. This sweatshirt dress was absolutely adorable and my daughter loved it as well. It has an exposed zipper in the back (seriously, do you make this in adult sizes?!) and my daughter will be wearing it in our upcoming family picture.


Reebok Grey Joggers

As a lover of all things athleisure and especially jogger pants, of course we’re keeping this one. They are a super soft fabric and a nice long length.


Design History Star Leggings

These were another favorite with my daughter, and I thought they were super cute as well. Unfortunately, they are very thin and they’re not the type of leggings that a little kid could wear as pants. The Cat & Jack line at Target has thicker, better quality leggings at a fraction of the price.

Not Pictured:

French Toast Blue Tshirt: it was just a blue tshirt, nothing special to see here.

Kensie Asymetrical Sweater: my daughter loved this one so much that she ran off with it before I could get a picture. It’s super cute and yet another one that I wish was in my size (that’s three things I wish came in adult sizes if anyone is keeping track!)

Le Top Set: this was not something that I would’ve picked out myself for my daughter, and honestly, I would’ve sent it back, but she loved it. So we kept it and we’ll use it for play clothes.

The Brutally Honest Verdict on the Fall 2017 Kidbox

KidBox sent a few brand-name items that made it feel worth the $98 price tag, and then a few that made it feel very cheap. I’m still impressed with the packaging and how they make it more of an experience for both mom and kid. I wish that you could have a mix of sizes, as it can me a little painful for little sister to watch big sister get a fun box of clothes (but she usually gets anything that’s slightly too small. I ended up keeping all items for $98 but had to exchange two items for larger sizes. Three weeks later, I’m still waiting to receive my exchanges and am planning on following up with the company if I don’t have something from them by the end of the week. I’ll update this with a note when/if I receive something. If it wasn’t for the long exchange time, I would give this service two thumbs up. Right now it’s one thumb and almost one middle finger.



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