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The most difficult thing we do each day is leaving our children in someone else’s care. Thankfully, we know where they are. We know and trust the people caring for them. We know they will stop crying as soon as we leave. Most importantly, we know they know we’ll be back.

Border security and immigration policy have incredibly complex challenges, which we are in no way qualified to solve. However, we have no doubt that separating children from their families is not just problematic, IT’S WRONG. There are currently thousands of traumatized children who need to be reunited with their parents. As Americans and as parents, we have an obligation to do everything we can to let our country’s decision-makers know that we are demanding they end family separation and do everything possible to reunite every single family.

To help, you can make a donation to one of the organizations helping immigrants, contact your representatives and attend one of the many rallies taking place across the country on June 30.

You can also let your clothes help do the talking. We’ve rounded up a few options for shirts inspired by Melania’s outrageous choice of outerwear that also benefit RAICES (Refugee & Immigrant Center for Education & Legal Services).

Etsy, $29

Tee Spring, $25.99


Custom Ink Tank, $25

If you are looking for statement clothing to wear to a rally, below are a few options that should arrive in time but do not benefit a cause.

Amazon, $19.99

(affiliate link)
This shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes for men, women and youth. Plus, it qualifies for Prime shipping!


Target, $4.48

We love the message and the neckline of this tee, but the clearance price is the real winner here.


Redbubble, $29.44


Redbubble Dress, $45.23



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