Putting prAna to the Mamanista Test


I was provided with free products by prAna in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this article are my own and, as always, are brutally honest. #mamadontlie

One of our goals is to always be brutally honest with our readers because let’s face it: as busy working moms, the last thing we have time for is some B.S. Mama’s got piles of laundry, emails to answer, and Housewives to watch, okay?! So when I first heard about prAna, the first thing I have to admit is that I have never heard of prAna.

A quick visit to their website and my first thought was this was yet another Lulemon-type brand that is better suited for the Minivan Mafia than for me – you know, those women who drop their children off at school in their designer SUVs with a vente Starbucks coffee, a ginormous diamond on their hand, and $120 black yoga pants. In other words: the ones I’m insanely jealous of as I schlep my children to daycare and sit at a desk for 10 hours.

But on a closer investigation, I learned that prAna does in fact offer moderately-priced yoga pants, but there’s a reason: their clothing is made from recyclable and sustainable materials, like organic cotton or hemp. While Lulemon’s clothes carry a hefty price tag because they can, prAna’s seem to do it with a purpose.

A brand with a purpose is all well and good, but I’m a budget conscious shopper. I have no problem occasionally spending a little more on key investment pieces, but they need to pass my completely arbitrary “is it worth it” Mamanista test:

  • What’s the quality like?
  • How do they fit?
  • How versatile are they?

prAna Petra Top

prAna Petra Top in White

I picked this top in white because I love a good white shirt for the summer. I also loved the interesting cut-out detail on the front and back. I’m a sucker for a basic with elevated details like insets or exposed zippers. This top carries the not-so-basic price of $65, so let’s put it to the test:

What’s the quality like? 

The prAna Patra top is made of 60% organic cotton and 40% recycled polyester. It sounds itchy for some reason, but was in fact the exact opposite – the material is super comfy. Unfortunately, the white fell victim to what many of my other white shirts do – it’s a little see through. I paired it with my favorite black moto leggings and you could see exactly where the waistband of the leggings started. I regretted not getting the shirt in the olive green or blush color, as I don’t think they would have had the same problem.

How does it fit?

It’s a looser fitting shirt, which is great for the summer. I normally wear an XL and requested an XL. I found the arm holes to be a bit baggy, and would recommend sizing down if you’re between, or think you may be between, sizes.

How versatile are they?

It’s a white shirt – you can wear it with anything! (or until your kids stain it)

Would I buy it?

In all (brutal) honesty, $65 is a hefty price tag for a white shirt, even a super comfy one. I would purchase this in another color, on sale.

prAna Annexi Pant

Up next is the prAna Annexi pant in coal. I selected these because I wanted to see if a pair of jogger pants could really be worth $85 of my hard-earned money.

What’s the quality like? 

The Annexi pants fabric is 53% Hemp / 44% Recycled Polyester / 3% Spandex, which equals a thick, but stretchy fabric. I didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing my goodies through the thick material, but it was also lightweight enough to work in and chase around kids. Two thumbs up here.

How does it fit?

The fit may be my favorite thing about these pants – the waist band is the best idea ever. The front half looks like a normal pair of pants, while the back has a thick, brushed back elastic band. It’s like your favorite pair of work pants went on a sexy date with your comfiest yoga pants and had a super-stylish baby. While the fit around the waistband was fantastic, the length was a little short on me. I’m 5’11”, so these were more like a pair of fabulous cropped joggers then full-on pants, and that was totally okay with me.

How versatile are they?

While the product description on the website mainly talks about working out in these, I was able to style them for work, the weekend or a night out on the town. Check out my different styling options here.

Would I buy it?

Heck, yeah! I have a bit of a crush on these pants and don’t want to take them off. I wore them to work on Friday, and then practically all weekend.  I would like to see them in more colors, like a cargo green, as the coal and black herringbone look very close to each other.

My Brutally Honest Verdict on prAna

You may want to give prAna a closer look if:

  • You care about where your clothes come from and what they are made of.  This has never been a major factor in my everyday purchasing decisions, but I will admit that it does feel nice to know that my dollars are not only giving me something fashionable, but also doing a little good in the world.
  • You don’t mind paying a little extra on brands that have a mission. 
  • You lead an active lifestyle. prAna prides itself on designing clothes that can take you wherever you want to go, whether it’s the ball field or the gym.
  • You love the athleisure look. I mean, who doesn’t love the fact that wearing yoga pants in public is now not only completely acceptable, but also fashionable? If you live in athleisure, there are some great options for you. I love the Josette capri, the Parker sweater and I’m trying to figure out if I’m hip enough to pull off these culottes.

You may not be that interested in prAna if:

  • You’re all about the price, and no judgment there. prAna’s clothes certainly aren’t cheap, so if you’re all about the price tag and nothing else, you may be out of luck. But I would encourage you to take a look at the sale section or use the discount code below.




Is prAna clothing worth the price?




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    Francesca @ finewineandtatertots.com
    May 27, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    This is an awesome review! While I’ve never heard of pRana either, this makes me feel like I have the inside scoop on the products. It’s definitely requires a value assessment since the price tag is so hefty, but their mission is worthwhile.

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