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Purses and I have a love/hate relationship! I’ve gone through clutch phases in my 20s before kids, giant suitcase sized handbags for diapers, change of clothes, hot wheels cars and bottles in my baby and toddler mommy days and have recently settled into the big enough to hold stuff but small enough to carry extra goodies tween/teen kid mom phase! The problem is that awkward in between sized purse is as elusive as a mythical unicorn or having all three tweens and teens all in a good mood on the same day!

Enter Amazon Prime Wardrobe. I’m suddenly able to add up to 15 purses to my Prime Wardrobe and they’ll ship them to me without charging my credit card. I can hold, carry, measure and examine each purse at home before I commit to one. A busy mama’s dream come true! So what purses did I look at on my winter purse hunt? Check out all the reviews and details below!


Anne Klein Hillary Medium Satchel, $46.44

This one was my favorite online. I thought it had a classy, structure to it but with a little edge. When it arrived though, it felt a little bigger than I wanted so back it goes. All around a great basic black purse though with just enough detailing to make it unique.

Anne Klein Billie Small Dome Satchel, $64.45

There’s something about that Anne Klein lion that still gives me warm and fuzzies from the 80s! I love the quilted pattern of this bag for winter so I decided to give it a go. It’s super cute in person but again not the right size. This one felt a little too narrow at the top to fit my wallet, keys, phone and selection of other random “mom supplies” and still zip completely.

Circus by Sam Edelman Halli Satchel, $34.99

 I loved the quilting of this bag for winter and anything Sam Edelman or Circus by Sam Edelman is usually a win in my book.  The purse was great quality and the quilting is really cute in person but the size was just too small. This bag only measures about 8 inches high so I just didn’t think I could fit enough mom stuff in it to be practical.

Anne Klein Perfect Tote Convertible Satchel, $89.00

This one was another favorite online. I thought the red burgundy color would be perfect for that ongoing battle of pairing black or brown accessories with my wardrobe! I admit, in person this was my favorite too. The quality is great and the color is beautiful. In the end though I just couldn’t justify almost $90 for a purse.

Aldo Riniker, $45.16

I was intrigued by this purse online. Bracelet Handle purses lurked in the background of 2017 trends but never really made a big splash. I decided the tortoise shell bracelet handle was a great excuse to check it out. Unfortunately in person, the purse itself felt really cheap and it was more than obvious it wasn’t real leather. The bracelet handle felt like it might break too if I stuffed too much into my purse so back it goes!

Call It Spring Etidda, $60.74

This purse was one of those I couldn’t decide if it was so ugly it was cute or just plain ugly. I loved that it was an olive color with cognac and black accents so it would be versatile enough to wear with all of my clothes. When it came, the quality was surprisingly good for a brand I hadn’t heard of before and the colors were really pretty. Unfortunately, it was just a bit bigger than I had in mind so back to Amazon it goes.

Call It Spring Astilinna, $44.99

On my quest for something not black and not brown was this plum colored little purse with a beautiful velvety scarf tied to one handle. Two trends in one! The purse was a great size and really adorable in person! I was tempted to keep it but in the end but the faux leather just looked a bit cheap in the end for $45 so back it goes.


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