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OOTD Scarf and Neutrals


We’ve all been there: that moment when you look in your closet and think, “I have nothing to wear!” It’s a #FirstWorldProblem, but we’re here to help. Usually, a simple closet-refresh is needed. Re-organize your clothes, pull out what you don’t like or what doesn’t fit, and move the in-season pieces toward the front. Once you can better see what you’ve got to work with each day, try out some of our tips for shopping your own closet.



Brighten Up a Classic Ensemble with a Patterned Scarf


OOTD Scarf and Neutrals


You can never go wrong with a scarf. This simple accessory works year-round, can be worn in about a thousand different ways, and is an easy way to take your outfit from “eh” to “oh, hey!”


Get Your Granny On

OOTD at The Modern Mamanista


Pull out your favorite spring floral top and pair it with cropped pants and a colored shoe.



Remember Leopard Print is a Neutral

OOTD at The Modern Mamanista


Trust us on this one: any animal print is a neutral! Mamanistas love a leopard or snakeskin shoe since they’re an instant way to chic up any outfit.



We are always looking to feature real fashion from working moms of all shapes and sizes!  Show Us Your Style by submitting your own Outfit of the Day here.


Work Week Outfit Inspiration for Real Women

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