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5 Must Have OTK You Can Actually Wear


Booties were a big hit this fall and as temperatures continue to drop, the boot trend continues to stay strong. Open toed booties have given way to duck boots, the well-loved knee high boots and a budding trend toward their sexy cousin, the over-the-knee (OTK) boot.

I have to admit I thought my Trunk Club stylist was crazy when he sent me a pair of these babies last fall! I’m a mom, not Julia Robert’s body double in “Pretty Woman!” Back they went… but as I relayed the story to my fellow Mamanista, Aimee, she said I bet you could totally rock those boots. Hmm… the seed was planted.

Fast forward to a random scroll through Evereve.com when I stumbled upon a great pair of OTK boots I fell in love with. I decided to take a chance and let me tell you these are my favorite purchase of the season so far! Here are a few things I learned when taking a chance on the OTK boot trend:

  1. Height Matters. Look for a OTK boot with a flat, wedge or lower block heel. This will keep you from feeling like they are too sexy or over the top for day-to-day wear.
  2. Details are key. We’ve had the best luck with suede or riding boot style OTK boots. Stay away from patent leather, platform heels or leopard print for this trend so you don’t feel like an extra from Pretty Woman.
  3. Cut it Out. Look for a pair that have a cut out in the back behind the knee or a slight angle to them so they hit below the knee in the back. This makes them more comfortable when you walk or sit and easier to pair with skinny jeans, leggings and dresses.
  4. Try Them On. These are one pair of boots you’ll want to walk around in before you decide whether to keep or return. We’ve noticed some are a “slouch style” and hard to keep up and some move better than others with you when you walk. Try them on and read reviews before buying. This is purchase you may want to take advantage of free return shipping if you’re shopping online.

This may sound like a lot but we promise it’s not. The payoff is a great pair of boots that make you feel like the pulled together, confident, more fashionable version of yourself. The one that gets a full nights sleep, doesn’t feel constantly covered in kid grime, and doesn’t need half-dozen cups of coffee to function! It’s worth the hunt!

Here are our top five OTK Boots to get you started:

Steve Madden Palisade OTK Boot in Chestnut Suede, Amazon

Price: from $107.99 w/ some Prime eligible

Steve Madden Hansil Harness OTK Boot in Black or Taupe, Amazon

Price: As low as $33.99 w/ some Prime eligible

Merona Neika OTK Riding Boots in Black Faux Leather, Target

Price: $19.99 On Sale (normally $49.99)

Merona Evie Suede OTK Boot in Black or Gray Suede, Target

Price: $19.99 On Sale (normally $39.99)

DolceVita Orion OTK Boot in Anthracite or Dark Taupe Suede, DolceVita Price: $100.99 On Sale (normally $200)

Which ones will you be adding to your collection this winter, and what will you be pairing them with? Skinny jeans, leggings and a tunic, or perhaps your favorite dress?


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