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prAna Swim top

I was provided with free products by prAna in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in this article are my own and, as always, are brutally honest. #mamadontlie

I need to make a confession. When Aimee sent the email about shopping prAna’s website for pieces to review, I was out on a rare girls night, sipping Texas margaritas and catching up with friends (i.e. talking about our kids and trading husband horror stories). So, depending on your perspective, my ability to make a good decision may have been impaired. I also may have gotten texts from both Sarah and Aimee questioning my choice of a swim shirt and a recommendation for a chambray skirt instead of the bottoms I selected. So, I think I am a water sports kinda girl when I drink tequila. I also think I can sing really well. There are way worse things, okay? I agreed with the skirt but insisted on the swim shirt.

When my order arrived, my first thought was wtf am I going to wear either of these things? To be brutally honest, they’re definitely something worn by a mom who drinks fancy lattes, shops at Whole Foods and is the first to recruit you for the latest expensive studio workout trend. And while that may be the mom I secretly aspire to be, I drink vanilla iced coffees from Chick-fil-A while I shop at Kroger wearing an all-black ensemble of athletic wear designed to look like I work out so my dirty hair doesn’t seem so inappropriate. But I’m always up for a challenge. Here’s how it worked out…

Lorelei Sun Top

Truth be told, this swim shirt is actually pretty amazing. It is comfortable, pairs well with swim bottoms, shorts or yoga pants, and it’s totally functional. With a busy Saturday planned, I threw this shirt on over my bikini top and swim shorts for a look that took me from a breakfast date with my friend and her daughter to yoga (for real, y’all!) and then to the pool. And I got so many compliments. I will be wearing this shirt all summer long.

I also drank an organic chai latte; noshed on quinoa, granola and berries with coconut milk for breakfast; and taught toddlers some yoga poses during adult swim. #momoftheyear

Lizbeth Skirt

Our Saturday afternoon plans included a birthday party for a one-year-old. I always struggle a little with what to wear to these parties. On the one hand, I need to wear something that allows me to spend the next few hours trying not to sweat as I help my toddler navigate the social scene at the party. But we still have a lot of friends who don’t yet have children, so I prefer to appear as if I haven’t lost my sense of style since becoming a mom. So, I paired the skirt with a loose white tee, a pair of sneaks and some trendy jewelry for a simple look that was perfect for this tricky dress code.

The Verdict

I’m a fan. As a busy mom, nothing compares to wearing clothes that are comfortable, functional and fashionable. And I’m already shopping their yoga apparel as motivation to keep going each week. The Mantra Pants and Elixir Bra and Nightingale Sweater are in my cart. Aimee has also sold me on the Annexi joggers.

From now until June 16, save 15% on prAna apparel with promo code S17PCLUBLE.


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