#OOTD: It’s Supposed to be a Dress

Outfit of the Day

I picked this little number up at a local boutique, thinking it would be really cute for an upcoming spring family photo. While I’m just as tired of the cold shoulder trend as the next Mamanista, there was something about this dress that spoke to me. Maybe it was the spring-y floral print or the sweet bell sleeves, or the three kids in tow who were whining for me to just pick something.

I had no time to try it on, so I bought the dress. When you’re 5’11”, the term “dress” is a subjective one. The only way this could qualify as a dress on me is if I stood perfectly still and prayed that no wind blew. Since that’s not an option, I tried what every tall girl does – throw on a pair of jeans and call it a tunic. I paired it with a favorite Kendra Scott cuff bracelet and Target shoes. And if you’re wondering “is that a pile of dirty men’s clothes in the bottom corner of the picture?” The answer would be yes, it is.  And if your next question is “Isn’t the hamper like a foot away?” then the answer would also be a gritted teeth YES.


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