#OOTD: Up All Night (and not for the reason you may think)

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OOTD Up All Night

The phrase “Up All Night” used to mean something different before kids, usually involving cocktails and “OMG, I can’t believe….” type stories. Post-kids, “up all night” means something completely different, and usually involves crying children and some type of bodily fluid. Last night, I was up all night covered in snot that wasn’t mine and Zarbees.

However, even with almost no sleep, I totally look ready for my morning meeting AND I got away with wearing leggings and a fancy t-shirt to work. Winning!

OOTD Up All Night

About the outfit:

  • Blazer – TJ Maxx (similar one here)
  • Lace, Color-Blocked Tee: Talbots
  • Side-Zip Ponte Leggings – Talbots
  • Pointy-Toed Ballet Flats – Old Navy
  • “E” Brooch – vintage find, Etsy
  • Uplifting Travel Mug – Target

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