#OOTD: Up All Night (and not for the reason you may think)

Outfit of the Day
OOTD Up All Night

The phrase “Up All Night” used to mean something different before kids, usually involving cocktails and “OMG, I can’t believe….” type stories. Post-kids, “up all night” means something completely different, and usually involves crying children and some type of bodily fluid. Last night, I was up all night covered in snot that wasn’t mine and Zarbees.

However, even with almost no sleep, I totally look ready for my morning meeting AND I got away with wearing leggings and a fancy t-shirt to work. Winning!

OOTD Up All Night

About the outfit:

  • Blazer – TJ Maxx (similar one here)
  • Lace, Color-Blocked Tee: Talbots
  • Side-Zip Ponte Leggings – Talbots
  • Pointy-Toed Ballet Flats – Old Navy
  • “E” Brooch – vintage find, Etsy
  • Uplifting Travel Mug – Target

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