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There are people who leave an impact on our lives. This Mamanista is one of those people. When I first met Robin, I was 14 and knew her as “Mrs. Thompson.” Football season was over, which meant my JV cheerleading season was also over. Everyone was running track, so I figured why not? How hard can it be to run? Thank God she had a sense of humor. And patience.

Robin teaches high school English and is totally the cool teacher, and I’m pretty sure she’s also the cool mom. She is fun, laid back, puts everyone at ease and — wait for it — is a freakin’ roller derby girl for her home team, the Savannah Derby Devils. (See?! Told ya she was cool.)

Her style is a true reflection of her easygoing personality and her effortless approach to living life. So, I was thrilled when she agreed to let us feature her as an #OOTD. Here’s what she shared with her submission:

We had a random jeans day at work so I busted out the flare leg jeans which meant I had to wear my 2.5-3″ heel peep toe sandals! 😍 It makes me look like an Amazon woman, but I love being super tall!!! Plus, I got new hair color (blonde AND red highlights) and shorter cut! Had new derby headshots this week so that upped my badass-ness level!

This is what fashion is about, y’all. It’s not about what or who you are wearing, it’s about how you feel when you get dressed.

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