This Month’s Obsessions: Wireless Earbuds and More

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Beatsx Wireless Ear Buds in Matte Gold

Wireless Earbuds

Beatsx Wireless Ear Buds in Matte Gold


I listen to a lot of podcasts. It’s quite frankly the only way to make folding piles of laundry tolerable. I also love listening to podcasts and music when I’m doing chores around the house or outside. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally ripped the earphones out of my phone while doing something thing. It may be the reason why my two-year-old has started to say the f-word, because that’s what mommy says when it happens. These little lovelies are wireless, meaning there’s no annoying physical connection to your phone. Connecting them took all of 5 seconds, and they charge on the same lightning cable as your iPhone. The bluetooth range is pretty good – I can walk all around my house and even across the street with a clear connection. I gotta give props to the hubs on this one: this might have been the best Christmas present he’s ever given me. This is a totally frivolous purchase that I would never have bought myself, but damn, I’m so glad he did. There’s also quite a few highly-reviewed options available under $25.


My Favorite Murder Podcast

This podcast has consistently been in the iTunes top 10 for the last three years, and I’m just now starting to tune in and fall in love. Better late then never, right? My Favorite Murder is a true crime comedy (stay with me) podcast. Hosts Karen Kilgraff and Georgia Hardstark research, recount and retell stories about different, well, murders. Yes, it’s creepy, but the hosts manage to keep it fun. It’s like drinking a bottle of wine with your best friend and reading the true crime section of People magazine. Subscribe here, and stay sexy, Murderinos.

These Earrings from the Kendra Scott Spring Collection

Kendra Scott Diane Statement Earrings_in_Gold

Kendra Scott jewelry is a slight obsession of all of the Mamanistas, but I’m definitely the president of the fan club. I’m drooling over the new spring line, which features beach-inspired pieces, colors and textures. Maybe it’s just a general lust for summer, but expect to see these lovelies in a future #OOTD.

Panda Planner

Probably a symptom of the new year, but I’ve been obsessed with productivity and balance. I colleague introduced me to the Getting Things Done system which has been life changing, and I have supplemented it with this amazing paper planner. Just a few things that I love about this planner: it’s one quarter (a full year is way too heavy to lug around!) and the daily sheets include spaces for your top goals, things your grateful for (another personal focus for 2018) and a guided review of your week to look for wins and areas of improvement.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost

Aw, man, they FINALLY got me. I’ve been ignoring my multitude of “friends” on social media who have been peddling Rodan + Fields products for years. I finally gave in and bought a tube of Lash Boost after seeing in person two real life friends and their amazing eyelashes. The price is, well, pricey, (expect to pay between $125-$150) but the results are impressive. I noticed a difference after one week!


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