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Moms are special for so many reasons. On the one hand, no one will ever love you quite like your mom does (she is, after all, probably the only person who has wiped your nose with her sleeve). On the other hand, no one can throw shade at you quite like your mom and get away with it…

   “Oh, honey, I think your metabolism is starting to slow down.”

   “I’m sorry, I think I really messed you up.”

   “You know, you probably won’t find Mr. Right wearing that dress.” 

Still, no matter what, the only people we can always rely on to listen, provide a shoulder to cry on and hug us like we’re babies are our mamas. And so, in honor of Mother’s Day, we want to give a little #MomCrushMonday love to the three most important women in our lives.

Sarah’s Mama

Deanne, Interior Designer (retired), Mama of 3

My mom is the best. No matter what, she always puts me and my sisters first and was by our side to support us through all of our ups and downs in life. She is one of the hardest working people I know, and her talents never cease to amaze me. My mom can design a room on a dime, stud and drywall a wall, replace a sink, and get a room painted in a single day!

She also has a killer fashion sense. Growing up in the 80s, I always coveted her Liz Claiborne clothes and endless collection of bright accessories. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… except where home repair is involved!


From my mom, I’ve learned…

  • To work hard.
  • That family always sticks together.
  • To keep my chin up and keep moving forward.
  • To always wear lipstick (you never know who you’ll run into!).
  • To love fashion. Flipping through her closets of clothes, jewelry and shoes as a little girl probably had an impact on me. Or maybe it was the set of fashion plates she gave me for a birthday present one year.

Aimee’s Mama

Linda, Teacher, Mama of 2

When I was little, one of my favorite things to do was to go into my parent’s room and look through my mom’s vanity. I’d sit at the tufted bench in front of the light up mirror and go through the drawers filled with peach and coral lipsticks, blue eyeshadows (hey, it was the 80’s) and various hair and skin products. Even now when I go home, I like to sit on that bench and go through the various goodies in those drawers. And it’s such a kick to watch my daughter do the same thing. I definitely inherited my love of makeup, shoes and sales from my mother, who I have to give credit for being the Original Mamanista of this Modern Mamanista.

5 Reasons Why My Mom’s the OM (Original Mamanista):

  1. She’s the life of the party. This woman can light up a room, or as you can see from the picture above, a dance floor. If you want to laugh until your stomach hurts, make sure to sit next to Linda.
  2. She’s touched countless lives as a teacher. My mom spent more than 30 years as teacher and was a damn good one. I can remember running into her current and former students and hearing “You’re Mrs. Robinson’s daughter?!” asked with the same awe-inspiring tone as if the question was “You’re Beyonce’s daughter?!”
  3. She taught me the value of hard work. Who you know is definitely important, but so is how hard you’re willing to work for what you want. Growing up, my mom was a teacher. But like any working mom, she was also a chef, chauffeur, event planner and a million other things for our family. That work ethic has been embedded into both me and my brother and something I firmly believe accounts for a big portion of the personal and professional successes we’ve both had. And something I desperately hope to pass down to my three children.
  4. She’s adventurous. As I write this, my parents are preparing to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Dubai, Nepal and India. They’ve added more stamps to their passports within the last 10 years.
  5. She’s a great friend. There’s no one I’d rather drink Prosecco and watch Bravo with than my mommy.

Liz’s Mom

Jeannie, Corporate Sales Director, Mama of 5

My mom is truly one-of-a-kind. Looking back, I don’t know how she found the time to manage all of our busy schedules; stay up late helping with papers and school projects that were pushed off to the last minute (sorry!); keep up with the cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping; and also give 100% at work, styled to perfection in 4″ heels.

Some of my favorite memories with Mom are sitting on the toilet seat in her bathroom and watching her go through her entire beauty regimen, which included Noxzema and Mary Kay face creams, purple Cover Girl eye shadow, lots of Aqua Net hairspray and a spritz of Chloe Narcisse. Mom taught me a lot about skincare and makeup (she has been doing the natural smoky eye for decades), but it is what I’ve learned from her about motherhood that I value most.

Lessons from Mom:

  • She has shown me how to love unconditionally.
  • She continues to remind me to enjoy the moments that are fleeting. Busy or tired, she still always made the most of her time at home with us – even if that meant putting off laundry.
  • She taught me the importance of delegating at home and at work (kids need chores!).
  • She trained me well in how to hide the evidence from a day of shopping.
  • And she serves as a daily reminder that while balancing motherhood and a career requires a lot of hard work and its fair share of sacrifices, it is possible to have a beautiful family and a successful career.

Tell us a few reasons why your mom is the best!


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