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When it comes to mamas, Chrissy Teigen is our queen. She’s beautiful, smart and talented. She slays on the red carpet and in the kitchen. And she’s one of the realest moms in Hollywood.

Recently, Glamour published her emotional essay about coping with postpartum depression, and moms, like me, cried a little as we related to her emotional postpartum experience. To show our support and appreciation for her vulnerability, let’s take a moment to celebrate just a few of the reasons we love Chrissy.


She’s a hard-working mama.

It’s tough being a working mom, but Chrissy balances her roles as a wife and mother with her THREE successful careers: model, cookbook author and one of television’s funniest hosts. I don’t care how many personal assistants you have, that’s effing exhausting!



Girlfriend loves to eat.

I’m pretty sure that, if we met, Chrissy and I would soon be taking selfies at play dates with our daughters. Chrissy doesn’t eat to live, she lives to eat, and women everywhere hate her for it. But a Mamanista knows her foodie spirit animal when she sees her, and we are available any time Chrissy wants to grab a pizza. Or Taco Bell.



She keeps it real.

Chrissy’s unfiltered social posts are proof that even celebrities aren’t immune to the messiness of motherhood. Whether it’s a photo of cellulite, capturing public breastfeeding moments or purchasing the one gift every new mom needs, no topic is off-limits. Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to the #momlife posts when Luna enters the terrible two and threenager years?



She shuts down the mom-shamers.

The only thing worse than mom-shamers are internet trolls. And the only thing worse than internet trolls are mom-shaming internet trolls. I get upset when I feel judged by a stranger in a restaurant, so I cannot imagine the level of anxiety you experience when thousands of cyber bullies attack you for how you hold your baby. We truly appreciate Chrissy’s light-hearted approach to deflecting the haters, and we love that she doesn’t let it keep her from being a fun and fabulous mama.


These are just a few of the reasons we have a #MomCrush on Chrissy. Share your favorite Chrissy Teigen mom moments in the comments!


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