Micellar Water: What It Is and 3 Ways to Use It


Chances are you’ve heard about Micellar Water in the last few years. So what exactly is it?


What’s so Special About Micellar Water?

According to my very scientific research (i.e. Google) micelles are tiny balls of oil that are suspended in water. These micelles then acts as magnets to lift dirt, oil and makeup off your face without rinsing or scrubbing, which can agitate sensitive skin. Micellar water was first used by French women as an alternative to the region’s harsh tap water and has since become a staple of models, makeup artists and now, mainstream beauty brands.


Three Uses for Micellar Water

I love products that can do multiple things, and micellar water definitely gets an invite to that club. While different brands and formulas claim to do different things, the three biggest beauty uses for micellar water are:

  • as a facial wash: gently wipe all over until skin is makeup free. No need to wash, because you can also use micellar water…
  • as a facial moisturizer: gently rub into skin
  • as a makeup remover: soak a cotton pad over closed eyes for a few seconds, then gently wipe away.

While the product seems like a work horse, one thing it won’t do is remove heavy foundations or waterproof mascara, unless you opt for one claiming to be a make-up remover or all in one formula. I tend to wear heavy eye make-up with black eyeliner, mascara primer and waterproof mascara even for daily make-up so this formula is key for me!


So, Should You Use Micellar Water?

Since micellar water is so gentle and hydrating, it’s best used on dry and sensitive skin types. Of course, marketers of the world will tell you that anyone with any kind of skin anywhere on their face can and should use it. Micellar water shouldn’t replace your entire skin care routine, but it may save a few steps – and dollars – by combining moisturizer and a face wash into one bottle.


If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, micellar water is available in a variety of brands and price points, from $6 to $39(!). A cult favorite is Bioderma and the more reasonable priced Simple and Garnier ones have rave reviews, and are both available at my happy places, Target and Amazon.  My personal favorite for cleaning ability, price and ability to remove my eye make-up is Garnier’s All-in-One Formula.


Tell us:  will you be adding micellar water to your daily beauty routine?

All About Micellar Water - The Modern Mamanista


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