Are These the Most Universally Flattering Pants Ever?

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Margaret M Pants

 Margaret M Pants

Margaret M Emer Pants, the Pants That Look Good on Literally Everyone

Look, we know you’re busy so we’ll cut straight to the chase: yes. We strongly believe that the Margaret M Emer pants may be the pant that looks good on everybody.

If you can stay a little while, we’d like to tell you WHY these are the best pants ever….gather ‘round friends, and let me tell you the story about a Mamanista who could never find a pair of well-fitting pants.  I have what in nice terms is an “hourglass figure” but what could also be called a boo-TAY. Three children later, and I’m still learning to love and dress that area. It’s a work in progress. Pants either have too low of a rise and cling to my middle for dear life, or they are incapable of being buttoned. So when I got my very first Stitch Fix almost two years ago and saw it included a pair of pants, I literally laughed. No WAY was some stranger going to be able to send me a pair of pants through the mail and they would fit. But they did. And they’re amazing.

Margaret M Flattering Pants

Canadian brand Margaret M brings you the most comfortable, stylish slimming pants in all patterns and cuts.

These are The Modern Mamanista version of “The Sisterhood Of the Travelling Pants.” These pants look good on EVERYBODY, in all shapes and sizes. We promise! They are also pretty wrinkle-resistant, which is great since I fundamentally refuse to iron. They are usually just fine after a quick tumble in the dryer, which is my version of ironing. This also makes them well-suited for travel, as they hold up well in a packed suitcase. They are relatively easy to care for, which is a must since I don’t have time to run and back forth to the dry cleaners. I simply turn mine inside out, run through the gentle cycle, and then let them air dry.

Margaret M’s come in a ton of styles and colors

Cropped. Slim cut. Boot cut. Textured. Flowered. Checked. You name it, and there’s probably a pair of Emers out there that match that description. I have three black pairs – a cropped pair, a slim cut pair, and a textured bootcut pair. I love them all equally and they are in constant rotation. I also have a turquoise cropped pair, a blue and white checkered pair and my cobalt blue ones that originally started my obsession. I may have gotten more mileage out of the cobalt blue ones than any other piece in my closet – I’ve paired them with a loose white tank top in the summer, a blazer and white blouse for work, and a cool black chiffon top and heels for a night on the town.

They are pull on pants

Okay, okay, bare with me — pull on pants? Yes, PULL-ON PANTS. Think like the waistband of your favorite yoga pants or buttery soft leggings. You know, the ones you can’t wait to put on at the end of the day when the button and zipper from your other pants are driving you crazy? That’s what going on with the Margaret M Emer pants. It’s like wearing the most comfy yoga pants in public. You’ll never want to go back to a button and zipper again, trust us.

Why Margaret M  pants may be the best ever:

  • Tons of colors, lengths and patterns
  • Pull on pants = COMFY
  • Well-crafted – I’m about to celebrate my two year anniversary with my cobalt blue pair and they are as good today as they were two years ago
  • Easy-to-care for, travel well and relatively wrinkle-resistant (wait, is that three?!)
  • They’re called “Slimming Pants” for a reason – the Spanx-like control top will suck you in

Why they might not be:

  • Price. At $99 a pair, there can be some sticker shock
  • Limited availability.
  • Due to their popularity, certain colors and styles can be hard to get
  • Slightly inconsistent fit in different styles and patterns. I’ve found the slimming pant is VERY tight, as in you may want to go up a size, and the regular pant can run a little large.

Where to Buy Margaret M Pants

At one point, the Margaret M  pants were only available in the US through Stitch Fix, although I contacted the retailer and they said they are now shipping to the US. If you are a Stitch Fix member, be sure to ask your stylist for a pair! If you’re not a Stitch Fix member, try one of the B/S/T (Buy, Sell, Trade) Stitch Fix boards on Facebook to see if you can score a pair. But fair warning, these have a cult following so when a pair gets posted for sale, you better act FAST.

The Final Word

At $99 a pair, we would consider these an investment piece and recommend that you do your best to get your hands on at least one pair. If you can only get one, we’d recommend either a classic black pair that you will certainly get your money’s worth out of, or a statement color like my beloved cobalt blue ones.

Have you tried the Margaret M pants? Do you agree that they are the most flattering pair ever?


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